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Since the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America and the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw are presently conducting a research project for the purpose of creating an up-to-date electronic, guide of significant Polish archival collections in the USA, we decided to give access from our website to other Internet catalogues. We believe Polish researchers should have open doors to archival resources all over the world.

There are many resources in the Internet and we give you links to some of the best catalogues of special collections.

Repositories of Primary Sources - the listing of over 4500 websites describing holdings of archives, manuscripts, historical photographs, and other primary sources for research scholars; the listing provided by the University of Idaho since 1995. The catalogue is still updated.

UNESCO Archives Portal - gives also access to the world's archival resources.

One of the most important search tools for locating archives and manuscript collections is the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) provided by the Library of Congress. NUCMC Z39.50 Gateway gives you access to the RLIN AMC (Archival and Mixed Collections) file - large and important Research Libraries Information Network bibliographic database of archival and manuscript collections in research libraries, museums, state archives, and historical societies in the world.

If your institution possesses Polish and Polish American archival holdings and has a well organized and processed archive you should add a description of its holdings to the RLIN database.

You may do it through regular mail or send information by e-mail from the special Data sheet to the cataloging staff of NUCMC.

International Archival Website - basic information on National Archives around the World, provided by the Dutch National Archive.

Archival and Historical Websites - the listing of archival websites provided by the McIntyre Library University of Wisconsin. Most of the materials from Special Collections are included in this online catalog. Historical researchers find the Area Research Center collections to be very valuable for their research.

National Archives and Records Administration - gives access to the federal archival resources in the USA

In the Online Archive of California you may find inventories, registers, indexes or guides to archival collections in California archives, libraries and museums

READY, NET, GO! - the special an archival "meta index," or index of archival indexes.

Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web - a project of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.