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Fonds No. 2: Charles Burke Memorial Collection (of photographs)

Date range

Biography / History
Charles Burk was a Polish American editor and writer, City Editor of the Polish Daily "Zgoda", member of the Polish National Alliance. He was the first benefactor of the PIASA Archive. The collection of photographs was dedicated to him as a Burke Charles Memorial Collection. Acquisition Note: Gift of Charles Burke c.a. 1960.

The collection contains photographs from military and diplomatic sources - US Information War Service, British Ministry of Information, Polish States Infromation Service. The photographs depict World War II battlefields, millitary leaders, rank and file soliders, diplomats, statesmen, meetings and conferences, war casualties, military missions of the Polish Armed Forces and Allied Forces in Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The collection contains many portraits of military and political allied leaders: Generals: Wladyslaw Sikorski, Kazimierz Sosnkowski, Wladyslaw Anders, Omar Bradley, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Chiang Kai-shek, Leclerc, Montgomery and Presidents: Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman. The collection also contains some original photo from the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 and photos from American Polonia events e.g. from General Jozef Haller's Testimonial Dinner in New York (1940) and from meetings of John and Robert Kennedy with Polonia. There are also portraitsof Polish intellectual leaders and the Presidents of Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America (PIASA). Arrangement in Series: By format - Glass Slides, Photographs and Postcards. Inside each series they are arranged by subjects.

English, Russian, German, French.

Glass Slides
1Poland - Art. "Polonia" by Artur Grottger
2Poland - Art. "Polonia" by Artur Grottger
3Poland - History. Polish soldiers in the January Uprising, 18631938-1938
4Poland - History. Polish soldiers in the Wielkopolska Uprising, 18481938-1938
5Poland - Polish Cities - Cracow, Gdansk, Lwow, Warsaw, Vilnius.1918-1918
6Poland - Propaganda slides on recruitment for the Polish Army in France1917-1918
7World War I - German patrol in ruined town in East Prussia (1914)1914-1914
8World War I - Poland. Interior of the Church in Rokitnov near Warsaw destroyed by Germans (1915)1915-1915
9World War I - Polish Army in Austria (1915)1915-1915
Photographs - Art
10Incas sculptures1974-1974
11Paderewski death's mask. Paderewski Foundation1963-1963
12Portrait of Palacky by Frantisek Tkadlik
13Portrait of Polish King Stanislaus II
14Portraits of Kings of Poland
15Theatre - Play "The Funny Old Man". Actors: Ralph Cowings and Edgar Stroke
Photographs - Europe - England
Photographs - Europe - France
18Paris - Stacja Naukowa Polskiej Akademii Nauk2000-2000
Photographs - Europe - Poland
19Auschwitz - German Nazi Concentration Camp - Museum1987-1987
20Bydgoszcz (1920s)
21Cracow (1920s)
22Cracow (1930s) - negatives
23Cracow (1956-1960) - Cracow University - Collegium Maius.1956-1960
24Cracow (1974) - Meeting and exhibition in the Academy of Arts in Cracow of Józefa Rogut works1974-1974
25Cracow (1987)1987-1987
27Gdynia (1920s)
28Hel Peninsula1926-1926
29Lwow (1930s)
31Pieskowa Skala - Castle
32Poland before World war II
33Poznan (1920s)
34Rogalin - Castle
35Rozewie (1930s)
36Stalowa Wola1939-1939
37Tatra Mountains - negatives
38Warsaw (1930s)
39Warsaw (1930s) - negatives
40Warsaw - Visit of President Nixon in Poland
41Warsaw (1987)1987-1987
42Wieliczka - Salt Mine (1987)1987-1987
43Wilno before World War II1930-1930
Photographs - PIASA
44Annual Meeting of PIASA (1979) in New York 1979-1979
45Annual Meeting of PIASA (1980) in New York 1980-1980
46Annual Meeting of PIASA (1988) in Washington D.C.1988-1988
47Staff of PIASA (1980)1980-1980
Photographs - Polish intellectuals and leaders
48Polish intellectuals and leaders - Archbishop Hlond (1930s.)
49Polish intellectuals and leaders - dr Eugenia Fronczak-Bukowska, dr Walter M. Drzewieniecki, dr Fretwell E.K.- President of Buffalo State College; dr Josef Ertavi1968-1968
50Polish intellectuals and leaders - Florian Znaniecki
51Polish intellectuals and leaders - General Wladyslaw Sikorski (1940s.)
52Polish intellectuals and leaders - Pope John Paul II
53Polish intellectuals and leaders - Pope John Paul II. Sculpture1978-1978
54Polish intellectuals and leaders - Jozef Pilsudski (1930s.)
55Polish intellectuals and leaders - Maria Priscari, George Seget1956-1956
56Polish intellectuals and leaders - Oskar Halecki, Waclaw Lednicki1944-1955
57Polish intellectuals and leaders - Tadeusz Kotarbinski, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Polish Congressmen: Rostenkowski Dan, Derwinski Edward, Drewinski John1968-1980
58Polish intellectuals and leaders - Tadeusz Sztrum de Sztrem, Marian Smoluchowski1917-1917
59Polish intellectuals and leaders - Witold Skwarkowski1972-1979
60Polish Musicians and Artists - Artur Rubinstein, Zygmunt Stojowski and Henryk Szeryng. Photos - pictures of Jan Matejko and Olga Bozmanska. Jan Lechon1940-1960
Photographs - Polonia Events
61Arlington (VA), 1963 - Dedication of the Tombstone of Ignacy Paderewski, 1963. The Kennedys with Polonia, 1962. Photos of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Zygmunt Nagórski, Damian Wandycz, Dulski T.J., Osinski H.J. and Jan Wszelaki1960-1963
62New York (NY), 1940 - General Józef Haller Testimonial Dinner in New York 1940. Copernicus Quartercentenary Celebration, Royal Institution London 1943. Portraits of: Sir Henry Dale, Stanislaw Kot, Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz - President, Edward Raczynski1940-1943
63New York (NY), 1965 - Dinner at the Yale Club, New York1965-1965
Photographs - World War II
64World War II - Allied Forces - Battles in Africa, Italy; Norway; France; Holland and Belgium. US and Polish troops. The 1st Polish Armoured Division. Battle of the Polish 2nd Corps at Monte Cassino. Portraits of generals1939-1945
65World War II - Allied Forces - Battles in: Middle East, France in Normandy, Italy, Holland and Germany. The Polish 2nd Corps in Middle East. Meeting of General Sikorski and Anders. Damaged German cannons. Fawzia - Empress of Iran1943-1948
66World War II - Allied Forces - Battles in: Tunisia, France, Italy and Germany. Polish Red Cross Mission. Allied troops. US Navy. The 1st Polish Armoured Division. Portraits of political and military leaders. Painting of the George Washington Bridge in NY1939-1945
67World War II - Allied Forces - Holland and Belgium. The 1st Polish Armoured Division.1944-1945
68World War II - Allied Forces - Poland. National Armed Forces. "Szczerbiec" Brigade. (Narodowe Sily Zbrojne).
69World War II - Allied Forces - Poland. Polish Armed Forces Flags: Polish Home Guard and National Armed Forces
70World War II - Allied Forces - Poland. Warsaw Uprising, 19441944-1944
71World War II - Allied Forces - Poland. Warsaw Uprising, 1944. Selected Materials
72World War II - Allied Forces - political and official meetings with generals and leaders of the Polish and allied troops in France, Germany, Italy , North Africa, Middle East. Portraits of generals and political leaders1939-1945
73World War II - Allied Forces - political and official meetings with generals and leaders of the Polish and allied troops in France, Germany, Italy , North Africa, Middle East. Portraits of generals and political leaders1939-1945
74World War II - Allied Forces - political and official meetings. Yalta meeting - the British leaders house. International Air Authorities Meeting in Canada. French press. Iranian journalists in New York1943-1948
75World War II - Poland. Warsaw during World War II - negatives
76Postcards from Austria: Vienna
77Postcards from Canada: Stanford, Ontario - The Theatre Festival1980-1980
78Postcards from Canada: Vancouver1957-1957
79Postcards from Czechoslovakia: Prague1969-1969
80Postcards from France: London
81Postcards from France: Architecture - Castles1925-1970
82Postcards from France: Paris1925-1970
83Postcards from Germany
84Postcards from India - Bombay
85Postcards from Italy - Art1964-1964
86Postcards from Poland: Arkadia1968-1968
87Postcards from Poland: Art - Polish History, Literature and Paintings
88Postcards from Poland: Bydgoszcz1925-1939
89Postcards from Poland: Cracow1922-1970
90Postcards from Poland: Grodno1927-1927
91Postcards from Poland: Inowroclaw
92Postcards from Poland: Mielno1957-1957
93Postcards from Poland: Rogalin1988-1988
94Postcards from Poland: Sopot1958-1958
95Postcards from Poland: Warszawa1925-1977
96Postcards from Poland: Wieliczka1925-1939
97Postcards from Poland: Wilno - Ostra Brama1927-1944
98Postcards from Poland: Zakopane1927-1939
99Postcards from USA: Polish American Fraternity
100Postcards from Switzerland1958-1958
101Postcards from USA: California - Santa Barbara
102Postcards from USA: Florida State
103Postcards from USA: Maryland - Baltimore
104Postcards from USA: Montana
105Postcards from USA: Native Americans
106Postcards from USA: New York - New York
107Postcards from USA: Pennsylvania, Cambridge Springs - Alliance College1967-1967
108Postcards from USA: Washington State1960-1960