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Fonds No. 5: Jan Lechon Papers

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Biography / History
Jan Lechon (1899-1956) Jan Lechon's real name was Leszek Jozef Serafinowicz. He was one of Poland's greatest poets in the 20th Century. He was also a journalist and diplomat. Acquisition Note: Gift of Jan Lechon friend - L.Krzywicki, ca 1956.

Te collection contains letters to Lechon from over four hundred individuals; unsent personal letters by Lechon; official correspondence with Polish diplomatic and cultural organizations: Manuscripts - literary critisism on Polish authors and literature including Mickiewicz, Zeromski, Fredro, Tuwim and Boy-Zelenski. Articles and notes on Polish history; diary and poems: BAL U SENATORA, AMERICAN TRNSFORMATION, KARMAZYNOWY POEMAT, manuscrips of plays: DIALOG and GODZINA PRZESTROGI. Arrangement in Series: Official Correspondence, Private Correspondence, Manuscripts, Photographs, Press Clippings, Personal Papers.

English, Polish, French.

Official Correspondence
1Official correspondence - Radio Free Europe. Notes and speeches.1946-1955
2Official correspondence. Newspaper clippings and bulletins1933-1956
3Official letters from and to organizations, and private persons as a editor of "Tygodnik Polski", "Nowy Swiat" and editor in Radio Free Europe.1939-1952
4Official letters from organizations, flyers and announcements, part.11926-1954
5Official letters from organizations, flyers and announcements, part.21938-1956
6Official letters from organizations, flyers and announcements, part.31938-1940
7Official letters from organizations, flyers and announcements, part.41939-1956
8Official letters from organizations, flyers and announcements, part.51939-1955
9Official letters from organizations, flyers and announcements, part.61947-1956
10Official letters from organizations, flyers and announcements, part.71949-1956
11Official letters from organizations, flyers and announcements, part.81946-1956
Private Correspondence
12Personal correspondence - Collection of empty addressed envelopes1948-1956
13Personal correspondence - index No 0001-0050 - Achard Juliet - Balinski Ignacy and Stanislaw1936-1953
14Personal correspondence - index No 0051-0100 - Balinski Stanislaw - Bejtman Wincenty1938-1955
15Personal correspondence - index No 0101-0150 - Bejtman Wincenty - Bonnard Abel.1935-1956
16Personal correspondence - index No 0151-0200 - Bonnet Melchior - Bujalski Andrzej.1933-1956
17Personal correspondence - index No 0201-0250 - Bugajski Andrzej - Czapska Karola.1940-1956
18Personal correspondence - index No 0251-0300 - Czarnomski Franciszek - Conrad Doda.1939-1955
19Personal correspondence - index No 0300-0350 - Conrad Doda - Csokor Franz Theodor1938-1954
20Personal correspondence - index No 0351-0400 - Curie Eve - Dziewanowski Kamil1938-1954
21Personal correspondence - index No 0400-0450 - Dziewanowski Kamil - Eichler Irena. Additionally Kern-Eichler Jadwiga.1939-1955
22Personal correspondence - index No 0451-0500 - Gnatkowska Krystyna - Gross Feliks1938-1955
23Personal correspondence - index No 0501-0550 - Gross Feliks - Grydzewski Mieczyslaw. Additionally Anczo Anna and Edward1938-1954
24Personal correspondence - index No 0551-0600 - Grydzewski Mieczyslaw1949-1951
25Personal correspondence - index No 0601-0650 - Grydzewski Mieczyslaw1951-1953
26Personal correspondence - index No 0651-0700 - Grydzewski Mieczyslaw1953-1954
27Personal correspondence - index No 0701-0750 - Grydzewski Mieczyslaw1954-1955
28Personal correspondence - index No 0751-0800 - Grydzewski Mieczyslaw - Hrabyk Klaudiusz1940-1956
29Personal correspondence - index No 0801-0850 - Hrabyk Klaudiusz - Jedrzejewicz Waclaw1938-1955
30Personal correspondence - index No 0851-0900 - Jedrzejewicz Waclaw - Karpinski Ziemowit1947-1955
31Personal correspondence - index No 0901-0950 - Karski Jan - Kochanska Zofia1937-1955
32Personal correspondence - index No 0951-1000 - Kochanska Zofia - Kowalski Wincenty1938-1956
33Personal correspondence - index No 1001-1050 - Kowalski Wierusz Tadeusz - Krance Felicja1938-1953
34Personal correspondence - index No 1051-1100 - Krance Slawa and Michal - Kuncewicz Maria1946-1956
35Personal correspondence - index No 1101-1150 - Kuncewicz Maria - Landowska Denise1939-1956
36Personal correspondence - index No 1151-1200 - Landowska Denise - Lednicki Waclaw1949-1955
37Personal correspondence - index No 1201-1250 - Lednicki Wac3aw - Lorentowicz Irena1946-1955
38Personal correspondence - index No 1231-1300 - Lorentowicz Irena - Malczewski Rafal1938-1954
39Personal correspondence - index No 1301-1350 - Malczewski Rafal - Michalowski R.1950-1955
40Personal correspondence - index No 1351-1400 - Mieczyslawska Aniela1946-1955
41Personal correspondence - index No 1401-1451 - Mieczyslawska Aniela - Nagórska Maria1946-1956
42Personal correspondence - index No 1451-1500 - Nagórska Maria - Nowicka Stanislawa1937-1955
43Personal correspondence - index No 1501-1550 - Nowicka Stanislawa - Opalinski Wladyslaw1946-1956
44Personal correspondence - index No 1551-1600 - Opalinski Wladyslaw - Pehr Otton. Additionally Meysztowicz Walezy rev. and Zalewski Zygmunt.1937-1954
45Personal correspondence - index No 1601-1650 - Pehr Otton - Protassewicz-Smosarska Jadwiga1938-1954
46Personal correspondence - index No 1651-1700 - Protassewicz-Smosarska Jadwiga - Rzepeczko Anthony1938-1956
47Personal correspondence - index No 1701-1750 - Rzepeczko Anthony - Sakowski Juliusz1937-1956
48Personal correspondence - index No 1751-1800 - Sakowski Juliusz - Semiczko Family1939-1956
49Personal correspondence - index No 1801-1850 - Serafinowicz Maria - Smith Robinson1938-1956
50Personal correspondence - index No 1851-1900 - Smith Robinson - Stebelski Henryk1938-1955
51Personal correspondence - index No 1901-1950 - Stebelski Henryk - Szyfman Arnold1937-1955
52Personal correspondence - index No 1951-2000 - Szyfman Arnold - Turyn Aleksander1937-1956
53Personal correspondence - index No 2001-2050 - Tyszkiewicz Samuel - Whitaker Nelson1938-1955
54Personal correspondence - index No 2051-2085 - Whitaker Nelson - Wyman Stella1944-1954
55Personal correspondence - index No 2086-2177 - Wierzynski Kazimierz - Wierzynska Halina1946-1956
56Personal correspondence - index No 2178-2218 - Wierzynska Halina - Wszelaki Jan1946-1956
57Personal correspondence - index No 2219-2245 - Zachariasiewicz Adela and Wladyslaw - Żólkowska Halina1938-1956
58Personal correspondence - index of correspondence by Michal Sprusinski1980-1980
59Personal correspondence - unsent private letters and notes.1949-1952
60Personal correspondence. Family.1939-1946
61Personal correspondence. Private persons1928-1939
62Personal correspondence. Private persons1940-1948
63Personal correspondence. Private persons1949-1952
64Personal correspondence. Private persons1953-1956
65Personal correspondence. Private persons
66Personal correspondence. Private persons - Eichler Irena and Fisher Irena1957-1959
67Personal correspondence. Private persons - Skrzynski Aleksander1928-1928
68Notes and fragments of manuscripts 1946-1954
69Notes and fragments of manuscripts
70Notes and fragments of manuscripts
71Notes and fragments of manuscripts
Manuscripts - Articles
72Article: "Polish Literature" by Jan Lechon1943-1943
73Book review: "W imieniu Rzeczypospolitej" by Stefan Korbonski
Manuscripts - Drama
74Manuscripts of plays "Dziadów Czesc Piata", "Na Plebanii, Ksiadz i komunisci". Pieces of manuscripts.
Manuscripts - Essays
75Articles on Wladyslaw Lednicki and G.B. Shaw
76Manuscript: "America". The first draft of the manuscript
77Manuscript: "American Transformation" by Jan Lechon.
78Manuscripts on Polish literature - "Literature Polska i Literatura w Polsce"
79Manuscripts on Polish literature - Poetry of Adam Mickiewicz
80Manuscripts on Polish literature - Poetry of Adam Mickiewicz
81Manuscripts on Polish literature - Poetry of Adam Mickiewicz
82Manuscripts on Polish literature - Poetry of Adam Mickiewicz (in Polish, English, French); also manuscript: "Mickiewicz Żywy"1955-1955
83Manuscripts on Polish literature - Poetry of Julian Tuwim
84Manuscripts on Polish literature - Three manuscripts on Stefan Żeromski. Manuscript: "Moje wspomnienia o Stefanie Żeromskim" (My recollections of Stefan Żeromski)
85Manuscripts: "Chopin", "Rajchman" and "Laski" by Jan Lechon
86Manuscripts: "Dwie rozmowy z Marszalkiem Pilsudskim" (Two Conversations with Marshall Pilsudski), "Wielcy Polacy, których znalem" (Great Poles, Whom I Knew), "Wielcy ludzie" (Great People)
87Manuscripts: "Poezja Czysta w Poezji Polskiej" and other materials on Polish poetry1946-1946
88Manuscripts: "Przywitanie z Wanda" and "Landowska Plays for Paderewski".
Manuscripts - Lectures
89Lectures on Aleksander Fredro, Tadeusz Boy-Żelenski and others
90Manuscripts on Polish literature and art
91Manuscripts on Polish literature and art - Polish culture, Waclaw Solski, Jan Rostworowski1941-1941
Manuscripts - Memoirs
92Manuscript of "Dzienniki" (Memoirs) by Lechon. Only a few pieces.1949-1955
Manuscripts - Novels
93Manuscript: "Bal u Senatora" (Ball at the Senator's) by Jan Lechon published in fragments in Wiadomosci (London).
94Manuscript: "Bal u Senatora" (Ball at the Senator's) by Jan Lechon published in fragments in Wiadomooci (London).
95Manuscript: "Bal u Senatora" (Ball at the Senator's) by Jan Lechon published in fragments in Wiadomooci (London).
96Manuscript: "Bal u Senatora" by Jan Lechon. Original work title "Jan Skarga".
Manuscripts - Poetry
97Manuscript of poetry - "Karmazynowy Poemat" (first was published in Warsaw, 1920) and pieces of other poems1918-1955
98Manuscripts of poetry - "Grobowiec na Harendzie"
99Manuscripts of poetry - "Our Lady of Czestochowa" and "Smierc Mickiewicza" by Jan Lechon
100Manuscripts of poetry - "Próba Wiersza"
101Manuscripts of poetry - "Serenada don Juana"
102Notes and pieces of poetry1928-1950
103Notes and pieces of poetry
104Notes and pieces of poetry
105Notes and pieces of poetry
106Notes and pieces of poetry
107Notes and pieces of poetry. Correspondence on meetings and poetry evenings, peces of poems1944-1956
Manuscripts - Radio Speeches
108Manuscripts and notes on literature - for radio lectures
109Manuscripts on the lives of Polish emigres - radio lectures
110Manuscripts on the lives of Polish emigres and history - radio lectures, pieces of poems
111Radio broadcast stations - manuscript: "Godzina Przestrogi" (Hour of Warning)
112Radio broadcast stations - manuscripts and notes for Radio Free Europe, Voice of America
113Radio broadcast stations - manuscripts. Dramatization of George Orwell's "1984". Text "Anniversary of Red Army Invasion of Poland".1949-1950
114Radio broadcast stations - manuscripts: "Ala Wiech" for radio broadcast stations.
115Radio broadcasts - manuscripts and notes for Radio Free Europe, Voice of America
116Radio broadcasts - manuscripts and notes for Radio Free Europe, Voice of America. Series:"Glos Wolnych Pisarzy"1952-1953
Manuscripts - Screenplays
117Manuscripts and notes on the Warsaw Uprising 1944. Screenplay and notes to the film "Ostatnie dni Warszawy"1944-1944
Manuscripts - Works of Other Authors Manuscripts - Works of Other Authors
118Information and biographical data on: Stanislaw Kot, Jan Rozwadowski, Franciszek Godebski.1940-1949
119Manuscrips and scripts for radio broadcast stations. Drama: "Odludek i Poeta" by A.Fredro.
120Manuscript by Bouteron Marcel: "Impressions d'un Voyageur Francis en Polonge (1928-1939)"1939-1939
121Manuscript by Flaccus Kimball : "A Toast to Adam Mickiewicz"
122Manuscript by Jasinski Zbigniew (Rudy): "Poprzez Druty" - poem1945-1945
123Manuscript by Liansu Jean Pierre: "La Paix est a Varsovie"1939-1939
124Manuscript by Malczewski Rafal: "O Zakopanem"1953-1953
125Manuscript by Roquingny Lucien: "La Ville Que Je Rebatirai"1940-1940
126Manuscript by Szczygielski Zenon: "To co nie mija" - drama
127Manuscript of Zygmunt Krasinski, Julian Tuwim, Juliusz Slowacki and Stanislaw Wyspianski translated in French language by Paul Cazin
128Photographs - Art
129Photographs - Events - Speech of Piotr II, King of Yugoslavia for Polish Military Radio Broadcast Station in New York1942-1942
130Photographs - Events - Testimonial Service of President Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz.
131Photographs - Family and friends1921-1955
132Photographs - Family and friends
133Photographs - Family and friends - Witold Malcurzynski
134Photographs - Family and friends - Ilinski Family1913-1950
135Photographs - Family and friends - Kazimierz Wierzynski
136Photographs - Family and friends - Rubinstein Family1939-1950
137Photographs - Lechon in Polish Embassy in Paris1931-1940
138Photographs - Portraits of Jan Lechon
139Photographs - Theatre - Lechon in a play "Odludek i Poeta" by A.Fredro1955-1955
140Photographs - Theatre - Ludwik Solski 1938-1938
141Photographs - Theatre - Maria Fredro
142Photographs - Theatre - plays in Polish Soldiers Theatre in Middle East, Italy and Germany.1942-1946
Press and Press Clippings
143Individual issues: TYGODNIK POLSKI, (The Polish Weekly), 1944, part 11944-1944
144Individual issues: TYGODNIK POLSKI, (The Polish Weekly), 1944, part 21944-1944
145Individual issues: TYGODNIK POLSKI, (The Polish Weekly), 1945 1945-1945
146Individual issues: TYGODNIK POLSKI, (The Polish Weekly), 1946, part 11946-1946
147Individual issues: TYGODNIK POLSKI, (The Polish Weekly), 1946, part 21946-1946
148Individual issues: TYGODNIK POLSKI, (The Polish Weekly), 19471947-1947
149Individual issues: Tygodniowy Serwis Literacki Kola Pisarzy z Polski, (Weekly Literary Service of the Circle of Writers from Poland)1941-1942
150Newspaper clippings of Jan Lechon poems published in WIADOMOSCI and GLOS INWALIDY in London1949-1949
Private Papers: Biographical Data
151Address books, notebooks1940-1955
152Guest book "Ksiega Gosci"1932-1956
153Biographical data of Jan Lechon1943-1950
154Doodles and scribblings1947-1956
155Identification cards. passport, green card, social security1943-1956
156Invitations and announcements to lectures and meetings with Jan Lechon1952-1955
157Invitations and announcements to lectures, exhibitions, concerts and others1937-1957
158Personal calling cards1938-1955
159Personal notes, bills, pieces of poems1953-1956
Private Papers: Financial Issues
160Bank statements from Chase National Bank1946-1956
161Bills and receipts (phone, rent, bank, tickets, medicare) part 11938-1956
162Bills and receipts (phone, rent, bank, tickets, medicare) part 21943-1955
163Bills and receipts (phone, rent, bank, tickets, medicare) part 31949-1956
164Check books1949-1956
166Financial items, leases, social security, tax forms1950-1956
Records Added to the Collection after Lechon's Death
167Legal documents on liquidation of estate.1956-1957
168Legal documents on liquidation of estate. Issue of "Dziennik"by Jan Lechon. Correspondence.1956-1980
169Correspondence with Felicja Kranze (1947-1953)1947-1953
170‘Wielkanoc’: manuscript of the poem.
171Obituary of Jan Lechon.1956-1956
172‘Promienny usmiech Pani Zofii’: text of the interview with Zofia Korbonska about Jan Lechon, conducted by Agata Klopotowska and published in Niezalezna Gazeta Polska, April 7th, 2006.2006-2006
173Photographs of Jan Lechon: kodachrome transparencies.