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Fonds No. 8: Feliks Mantel Papers

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Biography / History
Feliks Mantel (1906-1990) was a lawyer, journalist and a Polish socialist leader-in-exile. Acquisition Note: Gift of Feliks Mantel ca 1984.

The collection contains original manuscripts, personal papers, and other correspondence of Feliks Mantel. Inside the collection there are political documents, press clippings, and publications of the Polish Socialist party (PPS) in Paris, records relating to the Centrolew and the Brzesc trials (1931-1933); workres' movements, trade unions in Poland and exile after the World War II and Solidarity movement in Poland. Correspondence wiyh Polish Communists, Socialist and others political leaders on exile: Tadeusz Cwik, Adam Ciolkosz, Lidia Ciolkoszowa, Feliks Gross, Stefan Grot, Stanislaw Mikolajczyk, Rowmunt Pilsudski, Franciszek Wilk, Janusz Zawadzki, Waclaw Zagorski, Natalia and Zygmunt Zaremba on activities, organizations, and integration of the PPS Party abroad.Correspondence of the PPS Executive Committee in Paris with the PPS Central Foreign Committee in London, PPS Head Committee in France, Belgium, and Germany; the Polish Peasant Party (PSL); the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and other European socialist organizations. Publications and articles of Feliks Mantel. Publications concerning the democratic opposition and human rights movement in Poland, Workersdefense Committee (KSS KOR) activities. Strikes in Gdansk and Radom in (1970, 1976 and 1980). Solidarity movement and Martial Law in Poland (1981-1982). Arrangement in Series: Political Correspondence, Political Publications and Press Clippings.

Political Papers - Correspondence
1PPS-correspondence (1957-67). Letters of T.Cwik on Communist ideological bankruptcy after 1956. Correspondence with Adam Ciolkosz, Z.Zaremba, A.Szewczyk, S.Grot, J.Laskowski, R.Pilsudski, J.Zawadzki, F.Wilk, S.Mikolajczyk and PPS Foreign Committee1957-1967
2PPS-correspondence (1965). Political correspondence and legal documents on nationalization of property in Poland after the World War II1965-1965
3PPS-correspondence (1967-70). Correspondence with Adam Ciolkosz and Franciszek Wilk concerning Polish Socialist and Peasant Parties in exile1967-1970
4PPS-correspondence (1970-71). Respondents: Adam Ciolkosz and Franciszek Wilk concerning Polish Socialist and Peasant Parties in exile.1970-1971
5PPS-correspondence (1972). Correspondence of Adam Ciolkosz, Stefan Grot and other Socialist leaders. The care of Edmund Bakula. Article reprints and issues of socialist quarterly ZEW (The Call) and CZERWONY SZTANDAR. Notebook of Feliks Mantel.1972-1972
6PPS-correspondence (1972). Documents relating to Fourth PPS Conference - Program Tez Programowych - London. Letters of Adam Ciolkosz, J.Zawadzki, T.Podgórski, L.Winiarski and others.1972-1972
7PPS-correspondence (1973). Correspondence and documents of PPS abroad. Letters of Adam Ciolkosz and Waclaw Zagórski. Paper on situation in Poland by Stefan Kisielewski. Articles by Feliks Mantel.1973-1973
9PPS-correspondence (1975). Political correspondence, documents and articles by Feliks Mantel on Yalta Conference, French Socialism, Katyn Massacre and others1975-1975
10PPS-correspondence (1976). Correspondence and articles of Feliks Mantel.1976-1976
11PPS-correspondence (1976). Correspondence and documents relating to Workers movements in Radom 1976. Letters of Adam Ciolkosz, Edward Lipinski and Leon Urbaniak. Issues of ZEW, CITOYENS DU MONDE, ROBOTNIK1976-1976
12PPS-correspondence (1977). Correspondence, letters of Adam Ciolkosz, Stefan Grot and other PPS leaders abroad. Letter from the President of Senegal, Mr Senghor1977-1977
13PPS-correspondence (1977-78). Letters of Adam Ciolkosz, Józef Czapski, Waclaw Zagórski, Irena Galezkowa, Tadeusz Brzostek, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Artur Szewczyk. Issues of Munich Socialist journal PRZEMIANY; CITOYENS DU MONDE. VII PPS Meeting in London.1977-1978
14PPS-correspondence (1978). Death of Adam Ciolkosz in London, issues of PRZEMIANY and CITOYENS DU MONDE.1978-1978
15PPS-correspondence (1980). Letters of Lidia Ciolkosz, Tadeusz Brzostek, Jerzy Landgrod, Kazimierz Sabbat, Janusz Zawadzki, Jean Leonard1980-1980
16PPS-correspondence (1980). Political articles reprints. Issues of PRZEMIANY and CITOYENS DU MONDE.1980-1980
17PPS-correspondence (1981). Letters of Janusz Zawadzki. Issues of PRZEMIANY and CITOYENS DU MONDE.1980-1981
18PPS-correspondence (1981). Letters of Tadeusz Podgórski, Janusz Zawadzki, Lidia Ciolkosz. Issues of PRZEMIANY. Correspondece with Polski Uniwersytet na Obczyznie1981-1988
19Official correspondence of Nina Kozlowska in Munich on the organization and contents of Mantel's archival documents deposited in 1980-82 in Osteuropa Institut.1980-1982
Poliical Meetings
20Eighth PPS Conference Abroad and report of Central Foreign Council, Paris 19821982-1982
Political Publications
21Issues of ZEW (No. 18/74; 19-20/75), CITOYENS DU MONDE, PRZEMIANY, EST ET QUEST. Statut La Societe Historique et Literaire Polonais in Paris1968-1976
22Manuscripts of Nina Kozlowska on Polish Parties in opposition to Pilsudski Regime and PPS: Die Politischen Gruppierungen Innerhalb Pilsudski Lagers 1926-1939. Zielvorrstellungen der PPS in Jahren 1941-19481982-1982
Press Clippings
23Press clippings (1948-1980) - News clippings from ZYCIE PRZEMYSKIE on PPS. News clippings on fusion of PPS and PPR and the Vaticans role. First contact with Z.Zaremba. Helsinki Conference 1975. Sikorski Institute in London1948-1980
24Press clippings (1980) - Strikes of Gdansk, trade union activities, from Polish and European press - DIE ZEIT, LE MONDE, CZAS, POLITYKA, TRYBUNA - February - December 19801980-1980
25Press clippings (1981-1982) - Martial Law in Poland from the French and German press - December 1981 - February 19821981-1982