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Fonds No. 28: Waclaw Solski Papers

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Biography / History
Waclaw Solski (Waclaw Jan Panski) was a socialist politician, journalist and writer. He was born in 1897 in Lodz, Poland. In 1915 he lived in exile. In Russia he was a member of the Bolshevik party and a communist journalist. In 1925 he left Russia and escaped to the West. In 1945 he arrived in New York, where he died in 1990. Acquisition Note: Gift ca. 1980.

The collection contains private and official correspondence of Waclaw Solski with publishers and lawyers. There is correspondence on Solski's copyrights of his books, financial and immigration issues. There are also materials from university courses, texts of Solski articles, manuscripts of his dramas: "San Francisco" and "Wielka Gra", private memoirs, novels: "Loneliness", " The Seventh Night", "Przygody Jozefa Szwejka, sprzedawcy psow oraz Gustawa Roppa, oszusta" and manuscripts of short stories in series: "Dziwne wypadki", "Psy wsrod ludzi" and "They Discovered a Different America". There are also articles on social issues by Ernst Becker and Theodore Peterson. Arrangement in Series: Correspondence 1941-1977, Litterary Analyses 1961-1962, Publications 1944-1980.

English, Russian, German, French, Polish.

1Correspondence with lawyers - case of Waclaw Solski's copyrights.1946-1968
2Correspondence with private persons and universities in the USA1943-1977
3Private papers, c.v., immigration and financial issues1941-1952
Critical Works - Publications
4Manusript: "A Study of Soviet Literature in the Twenties" by Waclaw Solski1976-1977
5Manusript: "Outline for a Study on the Doctrine of Socialist Realism as Reflected in Soviet Literature after 1934" by Waclaw Solski.1962-1962
6Programs of mid-semester test on translations. Registers of students1961-1962
Publications: Articles
7Manuscripts of a series of articles: "Stolen Words" by Waclaw Solski.1954-1954
Publications: Drama
8Manuscript: "San Francisco" by Waclaw Solski. Text in English.
9Manuscript: "Wielka Gra" by Waclaw Solski
Publications: Memoirs
10Manuscript: "Wspomnienia osobiste" by Waclaw Solski1971-1971
11Manuscript: "My Meetings and Relations With the Mensheviks" by Waclaw Solski. Text in Russian.1960-1960
Publications: Novels
12Manuscript: "Loneliness" by Waclaw Solski.
13Manuscript: "Powiesc bez tytulu" by Waclaw Solski.
14Manuscript: "Przygody Józefa Szwejka, sprzedawcy psów, oraz Gustawa Roppa, oszusta" by Waclaw Solski1980-1980
15Manuscript: "Przygody Józefa Szwejka, sprzedawcy psów, oraz Gustawa Roppa, oszusta" by Waclaw Solski. Text in German.
16Manuscript: "The Seventh Night" by Waclaw Solski
17Manuscript: "Wladza" by Waclaw Solski.
18Manusript: "Przygody Jakuba Dombka, biuralisty i Gustawa Bonczy, oszusta w kraju i zagranica" by Waclaw Solski1970-1971
Publications: Poems
19Manusripts of poems. Poems published in London in newspaper WIADOMOSCI. Press clippings and typescripts.1958-1978
Publications: Short Stories
20Manuscripts: "Dziwne wypadki" by Waclaw Solski.1950-1975
21Manuscripts: "Psy wsród Ludzi" by Waclaw Solski.
22Manuscripts: "Redlington" and "They Discovered a Different America" by Waclaw Solski.1944-1958
23Articles by Ernst Becker and Theodore Peterson on sociology. A drama: "Spotkanie w parku" by Edward Albee.