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Fonds No. 30: Polish American Congress Inc. Commission of Education

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Biography / History
Acquisition Note: Gift of the President of the Commission in 1999.

The collection contains official correspondence of the Commission with US education authorities on Regents and local credits for students, programs of studies of the Polish language in high schools. There are also tests and school programs for schools as well as printed reports of the Commission: "Komunikaty Komisji Oswiatowej Kongresu Polonii Amerykanskiej". The collection also includes "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago as well as materials from meetings and conferences organized by the Polish American Congress, Commission of Education. Arrangement in Series: Conferences (1985-1997), Correspondence 1986-1999, Publications 1986-2000, School Programs (1982-) 1986-1994.

English, Polish.

1Correspondence - Programs of study of the Polish language.1986-1987
2Correspondence - Regents and local credits for students1992-1999
3Correspondence - USA - Florida - State of Florida. Florida State Department of Education in Tallahassee.1997-1997
4Correspondence - USA - Wisconsin - State of Wiscinsin. State Department of Public Instruction in Madison1997-1997
School Programs
5Northern Examining Association. General Certificate of Secondary Education.1988-1992
6Regents credits programs.1982-1993
7School Programs for Polish Hight School in the USA - Polish Language and the Polish History.1987-1994
8Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1986-1986
9Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1987-1987
10Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1988-1988
11Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1989-1989
12Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1990-1990
13Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1991-1991
14Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1992-1992
15Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1993-1993
16Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1994-1994
17Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1995-1995
18Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1996-1996
19Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1996-1997
20Publication: "Glos Nauczyciela" published in Chicago.1999-2000
21Publications: "Komunikaty Komisji Oswiatowej Kongresu Polonii Amerykanskiej".1992-2000
22Confrence of Polish Teachers in the USA (1987) - Cambridge Springs, PA. Alliance College, May 22-25, 19871984-1987
23Conference of Polish Teachers in the USA (1985) - Cambridge Springs, PA. Alliance College, May 24-27, 19851985-1985
24Confrence of Polish Teachers in the USA (1991) - Washington, DC. Catholic University, May 25-27, 19911990-1991
25Confrence of Polish Teachers in the USA (1995) - Chicago, IL , May 26-29, 19951995-1995
26Conference of Polish Teachers in the USA (1997) - New York, NY, University of Columbia, May 23-26, 19971996-1997
27Methodical Symposium (1986) - Sympozjum Nauczycielskie, Orchard Lake, MI, June 20-28, 19861986-1986
28Methodical Symposium (1993) - Sympozjum Nauczycielskie, Orchard Lake, MI, May 29-31, 19931993-1993
29Correspondence - USA - New York - Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America. Annual Meeting 1994. Session on Education.1993-1994
30Press cuttings concerning the Katyn massacre and Polish veteran organizations in the US, collected by Jerzy Strumienski (dr Edmund Osysko)1975-1993
31Polish School Day in the USA - programs for annual celebrations, speeches, press articles, decorations for teachers and other people involved in education1984-1993
32Publications: "New Horizon" no. 8/1992 (New York)1992-1992
33Reports of the Education Committee1976-2002
34Decoartions for Polish teachers in the USA1988-1999
35Memorial book - "30 lat polskiej szkoly Sw. Maksymiliana Kolbe"2002-2002
36Conferences and educational workshops for Polish teachers in the USA1987-2002
37The Commission's chaplain - Rev. Michael M. Zembrzuski (including the 60th anniversary of ordaining into priesthood)1988-2000
38Correspondence of the Education Commission (recruitment of teachers from Poland for American schools)1991-1999
39V Congress of Teachers1985-1997
40Correspondence regarding teachers' congresses in US and Great Britain, including press clippings and publications1989-2000
41Appeals of the Commission for Education and related correspondence1989-1995