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Fonds No. 38: Paul Super Papers

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Biography / History
Paul Super (1880-1949) was a member and activist of the International Committee of Young Men's Christian Association (Y.M.C.A.), organizer and General Director of Polish Y.M.C.A. (1922 to 1949). Acquisition Note: Gift ca. 1989.

The collection contains official correspondence with Y.M.C.A. leaders and an open letter from Paul Super to the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1938-1949), with press commentaries. There are also reports and publications on the Polish Y.M.C.A. activities before and after the World War II. In the series - Y.M.C.A. - Photographs is large set of photos from Polish Y.M.C.A. activities for the support for Polish armed forces in France, Great Britain, Middle East and Africa. There are also photographs from Polish refugee centers in Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, South Africa and Rhodesia of Polish youth people, who were evacuated from Russian forced labor camps in 1942. In the collection is also private correspondence of Paul and Margaret Super and private photos. Arrangement in Series: Official Correspondence; Personal Papers; Publications; Y.M.C.A. - Photographs.

English, Polish.

Official Correspondence
1Correspondence on Y.M.C.A1924-1948
2Open letter to Mr. Winston Churchill. Press and official commentaries.1948-1949
3Report: "Polish Y.M.C.A. Building in Warsaw Before the War".1945-1946
Personal Papers
4Biographical data, press clippings on Paul Super1936-1959
5Correspondence of Mrs. Margaret Super. Autograph of Polish painter Tadeusz Styka.1940-1960
6Photographs. Portrait of Paul Super with Kazimierz Sosnkowski, Henryk Majchrzak1944-1949
7Photographs. Portrait of President Wladyslaw Raczkiewicz. Portrait of Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1940).1940-1943
8Travels by Gdynia-America Line liners ms "Batory" and ms "Pilsudski". Menus1937-1939
9Article "Poland. Its Location, People, History, Significance" by Paul Super. Notes and maps. An article: "The Background of Polish-German Relations in Charts and Figures" by Donald E. Super.1932-1937
10Articles on Polish Y.M.C.A. and Polish issues by Paul Super. Scripts of radio broadcast Interview with Paul Super.1925-1945
11Notes on articles on Federalism and Central Eastern European Union.1941-1942
12Religious notes on articles. An article " The Values of the Christian Faith" by Paul Super1917-1941
13Script: "Notes for Leaders of the Polish Y.M.C.A." by Paul Super.1946-1946
Personal Papers
14Wood-cuts of Polish graphic artists: Witold Januszewski and Marian Walentynowicz. Publications sponsored by Paul and Margaret Super.1941-1943
Y.M.C.A. - Photographs
15Polish Y.M.C.A. - Africa - Camps of Polish Y.M.C.A. in Tanganyika, South Rhodesia, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, 1940-1945. Map of Africa enclosed.1940-1945
16Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Building of Polish Y.M.C.A. Airmen House-Nottingham, 19421942-1942
17Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Mobile Field Unit of Polish Y.M.C.A., 1942-1943.1942-1943
18Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish soldiers theatre
19Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. - Negatives
20Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. - Polish Fighters. Portrait of Witold Urbanowicz.1943-1943
21Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. 22 Center - party for Polish Bomber Squadrons
22Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. Headquarters in London1941-1945
23Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. in Center for Young Aviation Cadets of the Polish Army, 1944. Visit of General Sosnkowski.1944-1944
24Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. Social Center in Croughton
25Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. Social Center in Folkestone
26Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. Social Center in Newton
27Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. Social Center in Northolt
28Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. Social Center in Scotland. Polish 1st Airborne Division1944-1944
29Polish Y.M.C.A. - England - Polish Y.M.C.A. Summer School. Visit of President W3adys3aw Raczkiewicz
30Polish Y.M.C.A. - France - Camps and training for Polish Y.M.C.A. leaders, 1940-19451940-1945
31Polish Y.M.C.A. - France - Training for Polish Y.M.C.A. leaders at Alvignae, October 19411941-1941
32Polish Y.M.C.A. - Germany - "Paul Super" Summer Camp at Reckenfeld near Osnabrueck, August 1-31, 19461946-1946
33Polish Y.M.C.A. - Middle East - Polish Y.M.C.A. camps in Beirut and Palestine and Polish youth in Uzbekistan (USSR)1942-1943
34Polish Y.M.C.A. - Poland - Building of Polish Y.M.C.A., 19381938-1938
35Polish Y.M.C.A. - Poland - Building of Polish Y.M.C.A., 1945-19461945-1946
36Polish Y.M.C.A. - Romania - Polish Y.M.C.A. Headquarters. Paul Super and Minister Arciszewski1939-1939
37Poster on 25th Anniversary of Polish Y.M.C.A.1947-1947