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Fonds No. 45: Andrzej Bobkowski Papers

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Biography / History
Andrzej Bobkowski (1913-1961) was a Polish writer, novelist and journalist. He lived in exile in France and later in Guatemala from 1939. Acquisition Note: Gift of Mieczyslaw Sierpinski ca. 1982.

The collection contains biographical data on Andrzej Bobkowski and his family, private correspondence of Andrzej and Barbara Bobkowski and also the manuscript of "Diaries" by Bobkowski. The "Diaries" were written in occupied France between 1939 and 1943. The series - Works - contains handwritten manuscripts and typescripts of articles, short stories, fragments of memoirs (1950-1957) and the text of the drama "BLACK SAND" by Andrzej Bobkowski. Arrangement in Series: Personal Papers; Manuscripts.

English, Polish, French, Spanish.

Personal Papers
1Address books and calling cards1938-1961scans
2Biographical data of Andrzej Bobkowski. Certificates.1946-1961scans
3Biographical data of Andrzej Bobkowski. Press clippings.1944-1975scans
4Biographical data of the Bobkowski Family. Aleksander Bobkowski.1958-1961scans
5Correspondence of Andrzej Bobkowski1944-1961scans
6Correspondence of Barbara Bobkowski1957-1981scans
7Diaries of Andrzej Bobkowski (1939-1940). Manuscript: "Pralnia pod Wezwaniem Sw. Ducha". Notes.1939-1940scans
8Diaries of Andrzej Bobkowski (1940-1941).1940-1941scans
9Diaries of Andrzej Bobkowski (1941-1942).1941-1942scans
10Diaries of Andrzej Bobkowski (1943).1943-1943scans
11Diaries of Andrzej Bobkowski (1943-1960).1943-1960scans
12Manuscript: "La Historia de Ostrów Wielkopolski y Odolanów" by Barbara Bobkowski.1973-1973scans
Manuscripts: Articles and Short Stories
13Notes and studies on French philosophy, history and literaturescans
14Manuscript "Zmierzch" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1961-1961scans
15Manuscript: "Baskijski list" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1946-1946scans
16Manuscript: "Dluga podróz w krótkim czasie" by Andrzej Bobkowski.scans
17Manuscript: "Douce France" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1946-1946scans
18Manuscript: "Drogami Slonca i wina" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1946-1946scans
19Manuscript: "Granica zycia" by Andrzej Bobkowski.scans
20Manuscript: "Indianie w Ameryce" by Andrzej Bobkowski.scans
21Manuscript: "Keyserling" by Andrzej Bobkowski.scans
22Manuscript: "Kraj wiecznej wiosny" by Andrzej Bobkowski.scans
23Manuscript: "Krzyk chuligana" and "Alma" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1957-1957scans
24Manuscript: "Legacy" by Andrzej Bobkowski.scans
25Manuscript: "Na drogach Francji" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1947-1947scans
26Manuscript: "Swiatowe Mistrzostwa Modeli Latajacych w Szwecji" by Andrzej Bobkowski.scans
27Manuscript: "Paryskie dni" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1947-1947scans
28Manuscript: "Powiesc meteorologiczna" by Andrzej Bobkowski.scans
29Manuscript: "Spotkanie" by Andrzej Bobkowski.scans
30Manuscript: "Usmiech z góry" by Andrzej Bobkowski.scans
31Manuscripts for Radio Free Europe - Panorama Dnia.1948-1961scans
Manuscripts: Articles and Short Stories "Coco de Oro"
32Manuscript: "Coco de Oro" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1951-1951scans
33Manuscript: "La Septima" by Andrzej Bobkowski. Spanish translation of the short story "Siódma" by Barbara Bobkowski1956-1973scans
34Manuscript: "List" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1948-1948scans
35Manuscript: "Lourdes" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1948-1948scans
36Manuscript: "Na tylach" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1949-1949scans
37Manuscript: "Nekyia" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1947-1947scans
38Manuscript: "Pozegnanie" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1948-1948scans
39Manuscript: "Punkt równowagi" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1956-1956scans
40Manuscript: "Pytania Dzikich Ludzi" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1951-1951scans
41Manuscript: "Spadek" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1957-1957scans
42Manuscript: "Z notatek modelarza" by Andrzej Bobkowski.1954-1954scans
Manuscripts: Drama
43Drama: "Black Sand" ("Czarny Piasek") by Andrzej Bobkowski. 1959-1959scans
44Drama: "La Arena Negra" by Andrzej Bobkowski. Spanish translation of the drama "Czarny Piasek" by Barbara Bobkowski1959-1970scans
Manuscripts: Memoirs
45Manuscript: "Dziennik z Podrózy" by Andrzej Bobkowski. Fragments of Memoirs.1950-1950scans
46Manuscript: "Szkice Piórkiem" by Andrzej Bobkowski. Fragments of Memoirs.1957-1957scans
Manuscripts: Poems