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Fonds No. 49: Ludwik Krzyzanowski Papers

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Biography / History
Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1906-1986) was a diplomat, translator, professor in the Department of Slavic Studies in Columbia University of New York, New York University, Editor-in-Chief of "The Polish Review" - a scholarly Quarterly of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America. Acquisition Note: Gift ca. 1988.

The collection contains biographical data of Ludwik Krzyzanowski and his private and official correspondence (1938-1986). The series "The Polish General Consulate in New York" contains reports on the situation of Polish schools in the USA (1938-1944) and scripts and manuscripts of Krzyzanowski's speeches for radio broadcast WHOM (1939-1940). There are also materials very closely connected with PIASA activities e.g. Adam Mickiewicz Centennial Celebration of Death, articles and essays published in "The Polish Review". The series "Slavic Studies" and "Translations" contains notes and articles on the history of Polish literature, Joseph Conrad works and also translations in English of Polish drama and poems. Arrangement in Series: Personal Papers; The Polish General Consulate in New York; The Polish Review; Slavic Studies; Translations.

English, Polish, French, German.

Personal Papers
1Biographical data of Ludwik Krzyzanowski. Certificates and Identification cards.1925-1986
2Biographical data of Ludwik Krzyzanowski. Press clippings.1937-1977
3Biographical data of Wlodzimierz Krzyzanowski - hero of the battle of the Civil War.1947-1947
4Biographical notes. "Szopka - Chicago 1943"1943-1943
5Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1938-1939)1938-1939
6Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1940)1940-1940
7Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1941)1941-1941
8Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1942)1942-1942
9Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1943)1943-1943
10Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1944)1944-1944
11Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1945)1945-1945
12Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1946)1946-1946
13Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1947)1947-1947
14Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1948)1948-1948
15Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1949)1949-1949
16Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1950)1950-1950
17Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1951)1951-1951
18Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1952)1952-1952
19Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1953)1953-1953
20Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1954)1954-1954
21Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1955)1955-1955
22Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1956)1956-1956
23Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1957)1957-1957
24Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1958)1958-1958
25Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1959)1959-1959
26Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1960)1960-1960
27Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1961)1961-1961
28Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1962 -1963)1962-1963
29Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1964)1964-1964
30Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1965)1965-1965
31Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1966)1966-1966
32Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1968)1968-1968
33Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1969)1969-1969
34Correspondence of Ludwik Krzyzanowski (1971-1986)1971-1986
35Correspondence with Kosciuszko Foundation. Prof. Roman Dyboski Commemorative Program1943-1958
36Correspondence with PEN Club. Press clippings.1958-1961
37Correspondence with PIASA1942-1984
38Financial and property issues. 1940-1987
39Lectures of Ludwik Krzyzanowski. Invitations.1931-1957
40Lectures of Ludwik Krzyzanowski. Texts of public lectures.1940-1959
42Polonia events. Invitations1939-1967
43Press articles by Ludwik Krzyzanowski1945-1985
Personal Papers - Family Members
44Articles by Eve Krzyzanowski.
45Biographical data of Janina Krzyzanowski. Certificates and Identification cards.1945-1980
46Correspondence of Eve Krzyzanowski (1968-1972)1968-1972
47Correspondence of Janina Krzyzanowski (1944-1968)1944-1968
48Correspondence of Janina Krzyzanowski (1970-1988)1970-1988
49Translations of poems by Eve Krzyzanowski. Poems by Eve Krzyzanowski.
50Translations of short stories by Eve Krzyzanowski
Polish General Consulate in New York
51Propaganda materials.1940-1944
52Reports on Polish Schools in the USA. Press Clippings.1938-1944
53Speeches for radio broadcast WHOM by Ludwik Krzyzanowski. Type scripts and manuscripts.1939-1940
54Translations for diplomatic service.1938-1939
The Polish Review
55Adam Mickiewicz Centennial Celebration of Death. Notes and correspondence.1955-1957
56Adam Mickiewicz Centimonial Celebration of Death. Notes.1955-1957
57Adam Mickiewicz Centimonial Celebration of Death. Press clippings.1948-1957
58Correspondence of "Polish Review". Biographical data of Maria Kuncewicz.1955-1982
59Manuscript: " The Rumblings of War in Poland" by Ann Lincoln1982-1982
60Polish Author Series. Essays. Part 11961-1971
61Polish Author Series. Essays. Part 21961-1971
62Polish Author Series. General correspondence. 1964-1970
Slavic Studies
63Joseph Conrad. Notes and articles.1950-1969
64Manuscript: "Koociuszko and Lincoln" by Ludwik Krzyzanowski
65Manuscript: " James Fenimore Cooper and Poland" by Ludwik Krzyzanowski1933-1945
66Polish Literature. Romanticism. Notes and press clippings.1954-1969
67Roman Dyboski. Notes and articles 1931-1938
Slavic Studies - Columbia University
68Columbia University. Correspondence on courses1954-1954
69Columbia University. Correspondence on employment issues.1941-1958
70Columbia University. Notes for lectures. Polish Literature and Culture.
Slavic Studies - New York University
71New York University. Correspondence on courses.1954-1964
72New York University. Correspondence on employment issues.1952-1968
73New York University. Notes for lectures.
74New York University. Notes for lectures.
75New York University. Notes for lectures. Juliusz Slowacki Drama
76New York University. Notes for lectures. Polish American organizations and events. Press clippings.1947-1983
77New York University. Notes for lectures. Polish Czech Relations1952-1952
78New York University. Notes for lectures. Polish German Relations1952-1984
79New York University. Notes for lectures. Polish Issues. Press clippings.1949-1970
80New York University. Notes for lectures. Polish Jewish Relations
81New York University. Notes for lectures. Polish Literature and Culture. Notes.1955-1962
82New York University. Notes for lectures. Polish Russian Relations1949-1986
83New York University. Student's works.1953-1958
84New York University. Student's works. Polish Americans issues.1950-1970
85Drama - Translations
86Drama: "Do trzech razy sztuka" by Joseph Prutkowski1958-1958
87Drama: "Dzien Gniewu" by Roman Brandstaetter
88Drama: "Kobieta w trudnej sytuacji" by Marek Domanski1948-1980
89Drama: "Pan Lamberthier" by L. Venrneuil
90Drama: "Pierwsza lepsza czyli nauka zbawienna" by A.Fredro
91Drama: "Teoria a praktyka czyli sila hipnozy" by Antoni Cwojdzinski1960-1960
92Joseph Wittlin essays.Translations.
93Kazimierz Wierzynski poems. Translations.1941-1984
94Manuscript: "The Baltic Problem from the 10th to the 20th century" by Wladyslaw Konopczynski. Translation.
95Manuscript: "The Polish Immigration to the USA".
96Office of the War Information. Translations.1944-1944
97Poems. Translations.1956-1958
98Polish Issues. Translations.
99Radio Free Europe. Radio Speeches.1952-1960
100Translation of Address by Prof. Józef Gierowski concerned with honorary degree for Pope John Paul II at Jagiellonian Universityang.
101Translation of Jan Kott's work about "faces" in Gombrowicz's Ferdydurke and Marriageang. pol.
102Translation: Wojciech Morawiecki "Conflict about Cyprus..."ang.
103Translation: Adam Rutkowski " The Resistance movement in the Nazi deconstruction camp Sobibior" 1968. Correspondence with Roman Mogilanski editor of "Ghetto Anthology" 1981.ang. pol.
104Translations of the articles concerned with music, graphic and theatreang. Pol.
105Correspondence with Peter Skalnik concerned with a project: The Polish years of Bronisław Malinowski or Malinowski ante Trobriandang.
106Translation: B. Malinowski "O zasadzie ekonomii myślenia" 1908, "On the Principle of the theory of Thinking" translated 1983ang. pol.
107Translation: B. Malinowski "Uwagi o Geburt d. Tregedie" Fr. Nietzschego " unpublished,"observations on Friedrich Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedyang. pol.
108Translation: B. Malinowski "Totemizm i Egzogamia" 1911-1915 "Totemism and Exogamy"ang. pol.
109Translation: B. Malinowski "Religia i magia" unpublished "Religion and Magic""ang. pol.
110Translations: Bronislaw Malinowski. Aritcles published in Polish, German and English periodicals 1910-1915 (xero copies)ang. pol. niem.
111On Bronislaw Malinowski: Konstantin Symmon-Symonolewicz 1959-1960 and Andrzej Waligorski 1974 (copies)ang. pol.
112Translations: Articles, speeches.ang.
113Translations: Pan Tadeusz or The Last Foray in Lithuania by Adam Mickiewicz (1798-1855) translated from Polish by Watson Kirkconell and George Rapall Noyes. With comments and notes.ang.
114Translations: Fragments of Gombrowicz Diary (1953-1956)ang. pol.
115Translations: Jan Lechoń "Stefan Zeromski"ang. pol.
116Translations: Paweł Lysek "Twarde Zywobycie Jury Odcesty"
117Personal correspondence: Zofia Krzyzanowska, Janina Krzyzanowska, childrenang. pol.
118Personal correspondence with friends list rabinówang. pol.
119Personal correspondence: Karol Estreicher (1943)1972-1974, Leszek Kolakowski (1983), Aleksander Małachowski 1984, ks. Janusz St. Pasierb 1985pol.
120Correspondence: New York University: retirement program; Columbia University: seat in the Faculty of General Studies 1959, appointment as Adjunct Asssociate Professor (1969)ang.
122Greeting cardsang. pol.
123School notebooks of Anne Krzyzanowskiang
124Passport 1938-1939, Military ID 1927-1939
125Articles on Polish uprisings: 1830, 1846, 1920 (Polish-Soviet war), 1944ang. pol.
126Speeches and articles on Polish Jewish relationsang. pol.
127Article on 3 May 178 th anniversaryang. pol.
128Articles and speeches on Pulaski and Kosciuszkoang. pol.
129Article: "Cooper and Mickiewicz: a Literary Friendship"ang.
130Articles on: Poland in school textbooks, Aleksander Janta, Easter, Jagiello's monument in New York, Wespazjan Kochowski, moral courageang. pol.
131Article on Polish Studies in Americaang. pol.
132Article: "The defiance of the Polish intelectuals"ang.
133Articles concerned with American topics: American history, black powerang. pol.
134Articles: Press Clippings "Czas"ang. pol.
135Manuscripts, typescripts, press Clippings of popular articles published - mostly in "Czas"ang. pol.
136Manuscripts, typescripts, press Clippings of articles published - mostly in "Czas"ang. pol.
137Manuscripts, typescripts, press Clippings of articles published - mostly in "Czas"ang. pol.
138Manuscripts, typescripts, press Clippings of articles published - mostly in "Czas"ang. pol.
139Manuscripts, typescripts, press Clippings of articles (published mostly in "Czas")ang. pol.
140Manuscripts, typescripts, press Clippings of articles published - mostly in "Czas"ang. pol.
141Manuscripts, typescripts, press Clippings of articles published - mostly in "Czas"ang. pol.
142Manuscripts, typescripts, press Clippings of articles published - mostly in "Czas"ang. pol.
143List of articles published in "Czas: 1969-1974 and "Tydzien Polski" 1977-1982pol.
144Article: "Narada Polonii "na szczycie" pol.
145Manuscript and typescript: "Thomas Jefferson - wiek chłopięcy w Wirginii" chapter onepol.
146Manuscript on Poznań riots in 1956ang.
147Typescript: "Statement on the Place of the Translator", vocabulary: "O"ang
148Manuscript and typescript: "Outline of an English-Polish and Polish-English Dictionary"ang.
149Speech: Roman Dybowski: Tribute of a Pupilang.
150Essay about Kosciuszko and Pulaski concerned with scenario prepared by Aleksander Scibor Rylski. Request of Mr. George Suskiang.
151Radio speeches: manuscripts and typescriptsang. pol.
152Research materials, translations, fragments of publications, speeches, notesang. pol.
153Reports of the Editor of the Polish Review ang.
154Memorandum, statements of The Polish Review Editorial Committeeang. pol.
155The Polish Review: Survey of Ethnic Newspapers and Periodicals 1983, Survey of Editors of Learned Journals 1978ang.
156The Polish Review correspondence: Aang. pol. franc.
157The Polish Review correspondence: Ba-Boang. pol.
158The Polish Review correspondence: Br-Buang. pol.
159The Polish Review correspondence: Ca-Conang. pol.
160The Polish Review correspondence: Cop-Czang. pol.
161The Polish Review correspondence: Dang. pol.
162The Polish Review correspondence: Fang. pol.
163The Polish Review correspondence: Ga-Gil (list 59 intelektualistów, przedwojenne obligacje)ang. pol.
164The Polish Review correspondence: Gin-Grolang. pol.
165The Polish Review correspondence: Grom-Gwang. pol.
166The Polish Review correspondence: Hang. pol.
167The Polish Review correspondence: I-Jang. pol.
168The Polish Review correspondence: K-Keang. pol.
169The Polish Review correspondence: Ka-Koang. pol.
170The Polish Review correspondence: Ka-Klang. pol.
171The Polish Review correspondence: Ki-Klang. pol.
172The Polish Review correspondence: Kn-Koang. pol.
173The Polish Review correspondence: Krang. pol.
174The Polish Review correspondence: Ku-Kwang. pol.
175The Polish Review correspondence: Krang. pol.
176The Polish Review correspondence: Km-Kryang. pol.
177The Polish Review correspondence: Krz-Kwang. pol.
178The Polish Review correspondence: La-Leang. pol.
179The Polish Review correspondence: Lang. pol.
180The Polish Review correspondence: La-Leang. pol.
181The Polish Review correspondence: Li-Lyang. pol.
182The Polish Review correspondence: Li-Luang. pol.
183The Polish Review correspondence: Lysek Pawełang. pol.
184The Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation. Awards.ang. pol.
185The Polish Review correspondence: Ma-Meang. pol.
186The Polish Review correspondence: Ma-Miang. pol.
187The Polish Review correspondence: Ma-Micang. pol.
188The Polish Review correspondence: Mcang.
189The Polish Review correspondence: Me-Moang. pol.
190The Polish Review correspondence: Mi-Mrang. pol.
191The Polish Review correspondence: Mi-Muang. pol.
192The Polish Review correspondence: Mocha Frankang. pol.
193The Polish Review correspondence: Nang. pol.
194The Polish Review correspondence: Oang. pol.
195The Polish Review correspondence: Pa-Plang. pol.
196The Polish Review correspondence: Pol-Puang. pol.
197The Polish Review correspondence: Ra-Romang. pol.
198The Polish Review correspondence: Ros-Ryang. pol.
199The Polish Review correspondence: Sa-Shang. pol.
200The Polish Review correspondence: Si-Steang. pol.
201The Polish Review correspondence: Sto-Syang. pol.
202The Polish Review correspondence: Tang. pol.
203The Polish Review correspondence: Wa-Wiaang. pol.
204The Polish Review correspondence: Wie-Wyang. pol.
205The Polish Review correspondence: Vang. pol.
206The Polish Review correspondence: Uang.
207The Polish Review correspondence: Yang.
208The Polish Review correspondence: Zang. pol.
209Polish Studies Newsletter: Listing of Recently Published Polish Studies Materials: May-Decemberang.
210Polish Studies Newsletter: Listing of Recently Published Polish Studies Materials: January, February, April-July, September-Octoberang.
211Polish Studies Newsletter: Listing of Recently Published Polish Studies Materials: February-Decemberang.
212Polish Studies Newsletter: Listing of Recently Published Polish Studies Materials: January-July, August-Septemberang.
213Polish Studies Newsletter: Listing of Recently Published Polish Studies Materials: January-February, April, Juny-July, September-Novemberang.
214Polish Studies Newsletter: Listing of Recently Published Polish Studies Materials: February, Juny-July, November-Decemberang.
215Polish Studies Newsletter: Listing of Recently Published Polish Studies Materials: January, March-May, July, November-Decemberang.
216Polish Studies Newsletter: Listing of Recently Published Polish Studies Materials: Juny, September-November1978-1987ang.
217Polish Studies Newsletter: Listing of Recently Published Polish Studies Materials: Juny- 1979, July, August 1988, September 1990, February, March 1991, July 2001, July 2002, Juny 20031979-2003ang.