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Fonds No. 50: Oskar Halecki Papers

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Biography / History
Oskar Halecki (1891-1973) was a world class scholar – historian, one of Poland's famous historians and scholars, a great authority on Jagiellonian Era, on Lithuania history in Eastern Europe and on Byzantine history. Between1919-1939 Professor at the University of Warsaw, 1930-1939 chairman Polish Heraldic Society; Catholic activist. He was an Expert of the Polish Delegation at the Peace Conference in Paris (1918-1919), Member of League of Nations Secretariate (1921-1924), Member of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cracow, 1944-1961 Professor at Fordham University in New York and Adjunct Professor of History at Columbia University,and also Visiting Professor in Rome, Montreal and Berkeley. Oskar Halecki was one of the founders of Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America in 1942 and the first Executive Director of the PIASA from 1942 and its President (1952-1964). Acquisition Note: Gift of Tadeusz Gromada, 1999, 2004.

The collection contains private and official correspondence of Oskar and Helena Halecki (eg. with Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski - Archibishop of Poland, with Ignacy J. Paderewski – pianist, composer and statesman, with general Wladyslaw Anders). There are also biographical data of Halecki and Szarlowski Families and photographs from official meetings and public lectures. The collection contains also manuscripts and copies of articles, books by Oskar Halecki and many notes on Polish-Lithuanian relations in 14th and 15th century, Crusade of Varna (1444) and Polish Queen St. Jadwiga d'Anjou. Arrangement in Series: Personal Papers; Publications; Research Notes and Materials; Acquisition 2009 /Offprints of Oskar Halecki’s Publications; Works By Other Authors/.

English, Polish, French, German, Latin.

1Biographical data. Awards and diplomas.1913-1945
Personal Papers
2Biographical data. Awards and diplomas.1953-1973
3Biographical data. Press clippings on Oskar Halecki activities.1943-1973
4Biographical data. Press clippings on Oskar Halecki lectures.1948-1973
5Correspondence - Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, Archbishop of Poland.1964-1972
6Correspondence - Halecka Leopoldyna (mother)1937-1943
7Correspondence - Helena Halecki (wife)* temporarily restricted1937-1939
8Correspondence - Helena Halecki (wife)* temporarily restricted1941-1945
9Correspondence - Helena Halecki (wife)* temporarily restricted1946-1953
10Correspondence - Helena Halecki (wife)* temporarily restricted1954-1963
11Correspondence - Phi Alpha Theta Organization.1968-1968
12Correspondence - PIASA. Invitations and diplomas.1939-1970
13Correspondence - Rostworowski Jan Rev.1962-1962
14Correspondence - Social Security Administration1960-1964
15Correspondence - Szartowska Maria1940-1944
16Correspondence (1941-1946 letters from Ignacy J. Paderewski, gen. Wladylaw Anders)1941-1946
17Correspondence (1953-1955)1953-1955
18Correspondence (1957)1957-1957
19Correspondence (1958-1958)1958-1958
20Correspondence (1959-1959)1959-1959
21Correspondence (1960-1968)1960-1968
22Correspondence (1970-1973)1970-1973
23Correspondence. Address books.1974-1974
24Employment Issues. Correspondence-Columbia University, The University of California.1955-1973
25Estate - Lease and taxes1964-1974
26Estate - Liquidation.1974-1974
27Estate - Liquidation. Bills.1973-1974
28Estate - Liquidation. Correspondence.1973-1976
29Estate - Liquidation. Correspondence.1973-1973
30Events - Lectures and invitations.1961-1974
31Family Papers. Wedding invitation: Oskar Halecki and Helena Szarlowska; Congratulations on 50th wedding anniversary.1913-1963
32Family Papers. Condolences and press clippings after the death of Helena Halecki.1964-1965
33Family Papers. Condolence the death of Helena Halecki.1964-1965
34Financial Issues. Bank papers and bills.1962-1973
35Financial Issues. Insurance information.1966-1970
36Photographs. Official speeches and meetings.1928-1970
37Photographs. Official speeches and meetings. The Copernican Quadricentennial (1943)1943-1943
38Notes. Religion issues. Religious service, events and funeral ceremonies.1948-1972
39Personal ID Cards. Social Security, passport, certificate of naturalization .1935-1973
40Travels. Postcards and pamphlets from travels to Europe (Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland).1939-1963
41Photographs. Family. Oskar Halecki portraits.1893-1961
42Photographs. Family. Photo of Szartowski Family1904-1904
43Photographs. Official speeches and meetings.1928-1970
44Photographs. Official speeches and meetings. The Cpernican Quadricentennial1943-1943
45Photographs. Official speeches and meetings. Vatican.1952-1968
46Photographs. The travel to the United States1938-1938
47Photographs. Halecki Family1940-1962
48Photographs. Halecki Family.1938-1963
49Photographs. Nowak Family.1945-1966
50Article: "Antoni Malecki jako Badacz Dziejów Piastowskich" by Oskar Halecki.1914-1914
51Article: "Die Bezicherungen der Habsburger zum Lituanischen Hochadel nach dem Aussterben der Jagiellonen" by Oskar Halecki.
52Article: "Jadwiga i Jagiello" by Oskar Halecki Article.1971-1971
53Article: Kwestie sporne w sprawie poczatkow szlachty litewskiej" by Oskar Halecki.1916-1916
54Article: "La Europe orientalea la fin du XVI-e siecle" by Oskar Halecki.1959-1959
55Article: "La Spiritualite Polonaise" by Oskar Halecki1953-1953
56Article: "Millenium w Oswietleniu Historyków Krajowych" by Oskar Halecki1962-1962
57Article: "Na marginesie prac o Tysiacleciu Polski. Sprawa krolowej Jadwigi" by Oskar Halecki.
58Article: "O poczatkach parlamentaryzmu litewskiego" by Oskar Halecki1915-1915
59Article: "Od Blogoslawionego Ojca Maksymiliana Marii Kolbego do Królowej Jadwigi, Sluzebnicy Bozej" by Oskar Halecki. Manuscript.1973-1973
60Article: "Ostereich und Polen. Zwei Millennien" and Monde slave, Europe Orientale, Europe Centrale" by Oskar Halecki1965-1965
61Article: "Powolanie Ksiecia Wladyslawa Opolskiego na Tron Krakowski w roku 1273" by Oskar Halecki1914-1914
62Article: "The Councils of Lyons and Florence" by Oskar Halecki.
63Article: "The Holy See and the War in Europe" by Oskar Halecki1968-1968
64"The Significance of the Christianity of Poland in European History" by Oskar Halecki.1961-1961
65Article: W Czterechsetna rocznice Unii Lubelskiej by Oskar Halecki1969-1969
66Article: "Watykan a Polska" by Oskar Halecki1942-1962
67Article: "Zagadnienie Bialoruskie a Sprawa Burzenia Cerkwi" by Oskar Halecki1962-1962
68Articles - Book Reviews by Oskar Halecki1938-1950
69Articles - Book Reviews by Oskar Halecki1951-1972
70Book: "Hedvige de Anjou et son role dans historie de la chretiente" by Oskar Halecki.
71Book: "Królowa Jadwiga w swiatlach tysiaclecia" by Oskar Halecki. Manuscript
72Press clippings - Articles review.1960-1971
73Press clippings - Book reviews on "From Florence to Brest 1439-1596" by Oskar Halecki.1959-1961
74Press clippings - Books review on "Borderlands of Western Civilisation" by Oskar Halecki1952-1957
75Press clippings - Books review on "Borderlands of Western Civilisation. A history of East Central Europe" by Oskar Halecki1958-1967
76Press clippings - Books review on "Eugenio Pacelli. Pope of Peace" by Oskar Halecki1951-1954
77Press clippings - Books review on "Books rewiev on Gaschichte of Polens" by Oskar Halecki1963-1966
78Press clippings - Books review on "Millenium of Europe" by Oskar Halecki1963-1966
79Press clippings - Books review on "Tausend Jahre christlisches Polen" by Oskar Halecki1966-1967
80Press clippings - Books review on "The History of Poland. The Cambridge History of Poland" by Oskar Halecki1942-1960
81Press clippings - Books review on "The Limit and Division of European History" by Oskar Halecki1950-1960
Research Notes and Materials
82Biographical data. Jan Kucharzewski (1876-1952).1952-1952
83Biographical data. Stanislaw Herbst (1807-1973).1973-1973
84Biographical data. Wladyslaw Konopczynski (1880-1952).1958-1958
85Millenium of Polish Christianity. Vatican and Poland. Press clippings and pamphlets.1957-1966
86Poland. Aid for Poland. War Relief Services. National Catholic Welfare Conference.1949-1955
87Poland. Venice Archives. Vatican Library
88Poland. Archivum Romanum Societatis Jesu (ARUISI). Notes
89Miscellanoeus. The State Archive in Budapest. Notes
90Poland. Crusade of Varna (1444). Notes and photocopies of archival sources1919-1944
91Poland. Polish European relations. Notes
92Poland. Polish Lithuanian relations. Unia Brzeska. Notes and photocopies of archival sources
93Poland. Queen St. Jadwiga d'Anjou. Notes and press clippings.1949-1971
94Poland. Queen St. Jadwiga d'Anjou. Notes.
95Poland. Territory of Poland. Pamphlets.1919-1919
96Other activites. Founding of the Polish University Abroad (statue, list of professors)1919-1919
97Book:"La Pologne de 963 a 1914 essai de synthese histotrique "fr.
98Study: Das Nationalitäten-problem in Alten Polen, Krakow, 1916.1916-1916niem.
99Study: Dzieje Unii Jagiellońskiej, Vol. I - W wiekach średnich, Kraków, 1919 (fragments).1919-1919pol.
100Article: L’Historie de l’Europe orientale. Sa division en époques, son milieu gèographicque et ses problèmes fondamentaux, in: La Pologne au Congres International de Bruxelles, Vol. VI, 1923.1923-1923fr.
101Article: Moyen age et temps modernes une nouvelle défense des divisions traditionnelles de l’histoire’, in: Revue de synthèse historique, Vol. XLIII, June 1927.1927-1927fr.
102Articles: La politique scandinave des Jagellons – Le problème de l‘Union des Eglises – La division de l’historie en pèriods chronologiques, in: Pologne au VI-e Congres International des Sciences Historiques, Oslo, 1928, Warsaw, 1930.1928-1930fr.
103Article: Le Pologne et la question d’Orient de Casimir le Grand à Jean Sobieski.1933-1933fr.
104Article: Idea Jagiellońska, in: Kwartalnik Historyczny, R.LI, no 1-2, Lviv, 1937 (fragment).1937-1937pol.
105Article: Unia Polski z Litwą a Unia Kalmarska, in: Studia Historyczne ku czci Stanisława Kutrzeby, Vol. I, Kraków, 1938.1938-1938pol.
106Article: Kulturgeschichte und Geschichtsphilosophie, 1938.1938-1938niem.
107Article: East-Central Europe in Postwar Organization, in: Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Philadelphia, 1943.1943-1943ang.
108Study: The Crusade of Varna. A Discussion of Controversial Problems, New York, 1943 (fragments).1943-1943ang.
109Article: Intellectual Cooperation in the Post-War World in: The Central and Eastern European Planning Board / Pamphlet Series, New York, 1943.1943-1943ang.
110German-Polish Relation: comment written with reference to Hans Rothfels’s article: Frontiers and Mass Migrations in Eastern Central Europe, 1946.1946-1946ang.
111Article: Geneza czerwonego caratu, in: Teki Historyczne, Vol. 2. (VII-IX 1948) No.3, London, 1948.1948-1948pol.
112Article: Les Trois Romes, in: Le Flambeau, No. 3, Brussels 1948.1948-1948fr.
113Article: The Leading Ideas of the Slavic World in the Renaissance Period, in: Teki Historyczne, Vol. IV, No. 2-3, 1950.1950-1950ang.
114Article: Imperialism in Slavic and East European History, in: The American Slavic and East European Review, Vol. XI, No. 1, 1952.1952-1952ang.
115Article: The Place of Christendom in the History of Mankind, in: Les Cashiers d’Historie Mondiale, 1954.1954-1954ang.
116Article: Qu’est-ce-que l’Europe Intermédiare? in: Les Cahiers de Bruges, October 1954.1954-1954fr.
117Article: Od Rzymu do Paryża, in: Teki Historyczne, Vol. VII, 1955.1955-1955pol.
118Article: The Idea of the Church in Eastern Europe after the Council of Trent.1955-1955ang.
119Article: The Ecclesiastical Separation of Kiev from Moscow in 1458 in: Studien zur alteren Geschichte Osteuropas, 1956.1956-1956ang.
120Article: Isidore’s Tradition, in: Analecta Ord. S. Basilii M., N. S. IV, 1-2: Miscellanea in honorem Card. Isidori Kioviensis (1463-1963) – P. I., Rome 1963.1963-1963ang.
121Article: Die Österreichisch –Polnischen Beziehungen zur Zeit der Union von Lublin. Neue Quellen und Forschungsprobleme, Münster, 1963.1963-1963niem.
122Fragment of the Slavic Review. American Quarterly of Soviet and East European Studies Vol. XXII, No. 3, 1963 including the text of the article: Why Was Poland Partitioned? by Oskar Halecki.1963-1963ang.
123Article: Poland and Christendom in: The Smith History Lecture, University of Saint Thomas, Houston, 1964.1964-1964ang.
124Article: Sixte IV et la Chrétienté Orientale’ – extract from Mélanges Eugène Tisserant, Vol. II, Rome, 1964.1964-1964fr.
125Article: Diplomatie pontificale et activité missionnaire en Asie aux XIIIe-XVe Siècles in: XII Congrès International des Sciences Historiques. Rapports II. Histoire des Continents, Vienna, 1965.1965-1965fr.
126Review of Stanislaus F. Belch’s book: Paulus Vladimiri and His Doctrine Concerning International Law and Politics, Slavic Review XXV, No. 3, September 1966.1966-1966ang.
127Pierwsze Tysiąclecie Katolickiej Polski First Millenium of Catholic Poland: text of Oskar Halecki’s speech delivered in Rome in 1966.1966-1966pol.
128Article: La division de l’historie en périodes a propos d’un ouvrage récent by Henri Sée, in: Revue de synthèse historique, Vol. XLIII, Dec. 1926.1926-1926fr.
129Fałsz historyczny i zdrada narodu w pracach Oskara Haleckiego: text of the article by Janusz Tazbir, in: Kwartalnik Historyczny, LX, No. 3, 1953.1953-1953pol.