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Fonds No. 69: Waclaw Hilary Bninski Papers

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Biography / History
Wacław Hilary Bniński (1923-1998) was a journalist of Radio Free Europe in Munich: first in the Information and Evaluation Department, Polish Section (1953-1956), then in News Room, Polish Service as a news editor (1956-1958) and a correspondent of Voice of America, consecutively as: an editor Polish Service in Washington D.C. (1969 - February 1982), a roving correspondent in Western Europe (March 1982 – September 1983), a correspondent of European Division in Paris (October 1983 – September 1984) and Rome (October 1984 – June 1987), where he was foreign correspondent accredited to Vatican. He was one of the founders of the North American Study Center for Polish Affairs (STUDIUM) in 1974/1975, its representative in Washington and members of the Executive Committee (till June 1983). During the Second World War he was a member of Home Army (AK): first as an adjutant of the Chief of Staff in Kraków District (from September 1942), then in District I of General Staff in Warsaw (from May 15, 1944). He also participated in Warsaw Uprising. After the war he was a member of “Wolność i Niezawisłość” (WiN) Delegacy in the West, from middle of 1953 as a chief of Post in Rome, and an activist of the Polish Peasants’ Party (June 1945 – June 1946). Between 1963-1983 a chairman of the Polish Veterans Association (Post 37) in Washington, a delegate of the General Council of Home Army for Polonia Conference the Free World in 1975. In the 1980s he was a vice-president of Polish American Congress Washington Metropolitan Area Division and a member of its Board of Directors. He acted in American Association for Advancement of Slavic Studies.

The collection contains copies of Wacław Bniński ‘s and his wife’s letters and originals of letters received mainly from Andrzej S. Ehrenkreutz relating to STUDIUM issues. The series “Professional activity” includes texts of broadcasts for Voice of America (1981-1987) and records concerning papal pastoral visits. Political materials relating to “Wolność i Niezawisłość” and the North American Study Center for Polish Affairs contain: correspondence, copies of documents, programs, reports, minutes of meetings, information about political situation, newsletters, studies and translations. There are also bulletins and correspondence of Polish American Congress, Polish Veterans Association, Polish Home Army Veterans Association, American Association for Advancement of Slavic Studies and materials relating to Polonia Conference of the Free World in 1975 and Polish-American Day Conference at the State Department in 1978. The collection contains also memories about conspiratorial activity of AK and WiN members by Wacław Bniński and papers, articles, studies, clippings and photographs gathered by him. Last series includes Wacław Bniński’s recordings of broadcasts and interviews.

Polish, English.

1Correspondence. Alphabetical order - A-Bł.1957-1999pol., ang., niem.
2Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Bo-By.1948-1997pol., ang.
3Correspondence. Alphabetical order - C.1973-1997pol., ang.
4Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Da-De.1945-1983pol., ang.
5Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Do-Dz.1957-1997pol., ang.
6Correspondence - E. Copies of Wacław H. Bniński's letters and orginals of letters received from Andrzej S. Ehrenkreutz (1974-1977). STUDIUM issues.1974-1977pol., ang.
7Correspondence - E. Copies of Wacław H. Bniński's letters and orginals of letters received from Andrzej S. Ehrenkreutz (1978). STUDIUM issues.1978-1978pol., ang.
8Correspondence - E. Copies of Wacław H. Bniński's letters and orginals of letters received from Andrzej S. Ehrenkreutz (1979). STUDIUM issues.1979-1981pol., ang.
9Correspondence. Alphabetical order - E. Mainly copies of Wacław H. Bniński's letters and orginals of letters received from Andrzej S. Ehrenkreutz (1980-1997). STUDIUM issues.1955-1997pol., ang.
10Correspondence. Alphabetical order - F-Gi.1947-1997pol., fr.
11Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Gn-Gy.1958-1997pol., ang.
12Correspondence. Alphabetical order - H-I.1966-1997pol., ang.
13Correspondence. Alphabetical order - J.1977-1997pol., ang.
14Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Ka.1955-1999pol., ang.
15Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Ke-Kl.1960-1997pol., ang.
16Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Ko.1957-1998pol., ang.
17Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Kr-Ku.1952-2000pol., ang.
18Correspondence. Alphabetical order - L.1974-1997pol., ang., niem.
19Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Ł.1954-1983pol., ang.
20Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Ma-Ml.1948-1994pol., ang., fr., niem.
21Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Mo.1973-1996pol., ang.
22Correspondence. Alphabetical order - N.1951-1997pol., ang.
23Correspondence. Alphabetical order - P.1947-1997pol., ang.
24Correspondence - Piłsudski Institute of America.1974-1997pol., ang.
25Correspondence: The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London, Polish Social and Cultural Association in London and The Polish Underground Movement in London.1972-1996pol., ang.
26Correspondence. Alphabetical order - R.1947-1997pol., fr.
27Correspondence - Kazimierz Rolewicz vel Zbigniew Solski.1947-1983pol., fr.
28Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Sa-Sm.1947-1987pol., ang.
29Correspondence. Alphabetical order - So.1969-1997pol., ang.
30Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Sp-Sz.1947-1987pol., ang.
31Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Ta-To.1953-1997pol., ang.
32Correspondence and newspaper clippings - Leopold Tyrmand.1973-1982pol., ang.
33Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Tu-U.1953-1997pol., ang.
34Correspondence with professors from The University in Tübingen.1957-1962niem., pol.
35Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Wa-Wą.1953-1988pol., ang.
36Correspondence. Alphabetical order - We-Wo.1957-1995pol., ang.
37Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Z.1971-1997pol., ang.
38Correspondence. Alphabetical order - Ż.1975-1997pol.
39Correspondence with Pontificio Istituto di Studi Ecclesiastici in Rome concerning papers collected by Jan Drucki-Lubecki. Articles and newspaper clippings about O. Maksymilian Kolbe.1971-1994pol.
40Invitations to conferences, meetings, anniversaries and lectures.1977-1982ang.
41Notes related to correspondence and conversations.1977-1979pol.
42Notes related to correspondence and conversations.1980-1982pol.
43 Texts of broadcas for The Voice of America – Radom riots.1976-1976ang., pol.
44Texts of broadcasts for The Voice of America.1981-1984pol., wł., ang.
45Press accreditation for Wacław H. Bniński, European Division correspondent of The Voice of America.1984-1985ang., niem., wł.
46Texts of broadcasts for The Voice of America (January-March 1985).1985-1985pol.
47Texts of broadcasts for The Voice of America (March-October 1985).1985-1985pol.
48Texts of broadcasts for The Voice of America (January-June 1986).1986-1986pol., wł.
49Texts of broadcasts for The Voice of America (July-December 1986).1986-1986pol., wł., ang., fr.
50Texts of broadcasts for The Voice of America (January 1987).1987-1987pol., wł., ang.
51Texts of broadcasts for The Voice of America (January-June 1987).1987-1987pol., wł., ang.
52Pope John Paul's second visit to Poland (June 16-23, 1983) - program, newspaper clippings.1983-1983wł., fr., ang., niem.
53Wacław Bniński's statement to Pope John Paul's third visit to Poland (June, 1987) - texts of interviews, press clippings.1987-1987pol.
54Papal pastoral visits in: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Switzerland (the Headquarters of the World Coucil of Churches in Geneva), Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad-Tobago, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Liechtenstein - programs, press clippings.1984-1985wł., fr.
55Papal pastoral visits in: France and Germany - programs, texts of speechs, press clippings, map of air-route.1986-1987wł., fr., ang., niem.
56Papal pastoral visits - tickets, descriptions and maps of air-route: Rome-Zaragoza -San Domingo-San Juan; Rome-Caracas-Quito-Guayaquil-Lima-Port of Spain; Rome-Eindhoven; Rome-Colonia.1984-1987wł.
57International Conference on Polish-Jewish relations in Modern History - Oxford, September 17-21, 1984: program, budget, texts of lectures.1984-1984ang., pol.
58Anniversary colloquium on "Nostra Aetate: 20 Years in Retrospect" - program, texts of lectures, bulletins and press clippings.1985-1985ang., wł.
59Convention of Christian Culture - texts of lectures, press clippings.1986-1986wł., fr.
60Pope John Paul's visit to the Synagogue in Rome, April 13, 1986 - schedule, texts of speeches, press clippings.1986-1986wł., ang., niem.
61Correspondence with Józef Maciołek ("Józef"), Chief of WIN Delegacy in the West.1951-1971pol., wł.
62Correspondence with Antoni Mańkowski ("Ibis"). Papers related to WIN. Reviews and reports from Rome.1946-1950pol.
63Kazimierz Rolewicz (Solski) Papers. Letters with Stanisław Kluza. Correspondence of Wacław Bniński with Zofia Kaczkowska (Solska).1972-1997pol., fr.
64"Wolność i Niepodległość" Papers send (taken) to Poland (by WHB) in 1996: correspondence, list and copies of documents (1951-1953).1951-1996pol.
65"Wolność i Niepodległość": notes, contact reports, information about the underground movement in Poland, press clippings.1947-1949pol.
66"Wolność i Niepodległość" - Post in Rome: information on Catholic Church in Poland, notes and correspondence conerning NAKŁAD - aid to Church institutions.1946-1952pol., fr.
67"Wolność i Niepodległość" study: reviews from Poland, reports of political situations, polish affairs in German press. Dispatches.1951-1952pol.
68Papers by Witold Wyszyński for "Wolność i Niepodległość" Delegacy: international situation, soviet antisemitism, correspondence.1952-1955pol., ang.
69Information about "Wolność i Niepodległość": code names of members, genesis and goals of ROZMARYN (Post WIN in Rome), Wacław Bniński's address in Washington, biulletins.1952-1993pol., fr.
70 Wacław Bniński’s meetings with Cardinal Adam Sapieha in Nicea (France) and Merano (Italy). Report of talks with ambassador Averell Harriman in Paris.1947-1948pol., ang.
71 REDUTA - Institute for Study of Contempory Pond: an idea, goals, program, organization struture, establishment of STUDIUM,report, builletins of Organizational Committee.1975-1975pol., ang.
72 Byw of STUDIUM.1978-1982pol., ang.
73 Organizational Committee STUDIUM: builletins No -15 (January-May 1976), reports (June 14, 1975- May29, 1976), list of memebers on June 30, 1976.1976-1976pol., ang.
74 Annual reports of STUDIUM. Statements Savings Account.1976-1980pol., ang.
75 Minutes of the Executive Committee and Board Meetings of STUDIU.M1976-1983pol., ang.
76 General Meetings (Conventions) of the North American Study Center for Polish Affairs: program, correspondence, statement of cash receipts and expenses, conclusion, press clippings.1979-1985pol., ang.
77 Correspondence with members of the Executive Committee of STUDIUM concerning program and organizational affairs: proposed agenda for semi-annual meeting, lecture and resignation letter of W. Bniński, POMOST, propaganda material, long-term strategy.1976-1982pol., ang.
78 STUDIUM Newsletters.1976-1982pol., ang.
79 STUDIUM Newsletters.1983-1988pol., ang.
80 STUDIUM Newsletters.1989-1993ang., pol.
81 STUDIUM News Abstracts.1976-1979ang.
82 STUDIUM News Abstracts.1980-1982ang.
83 STUDIUM News Abstracts.1983-1984ang.
84 STUDIUM News Abstracts.1985-1986ang.
85 STUDIUM Papers.1987-1988ang.
86 STUDIUM Papers.1989-1990ang.
87 Published and Translation from Polh by STUDIUM: Program of the Coalition for Polish Independence, Official Bulletin “S” of the Central Customs Office, Polish Trade Unions and the Right to Strike, The Polish Blue Collar Worker, Official Censorship in PRL.1975-1982ang., pol.
88 Free Poland. Information and names of men considered by some people to be the legal presidents of the Polish governments in exile in London (Julisz Sokolnicki).1974-1979pol., ang.
89 Materials of the Study Group of the Coalition for Polish Independence. Translation from Polish prepared by STUDIUM.1976-1980pol., ang.
90 STUDIUM. Democrating Oposition – information on the Polish Worker’s struggle for free trade unions.1976-1981pol., ang., ukr.
91 The economical, financial and food aito Poland. AFL-CIO support. POMOST Chicago – the letter to president Ronald Reagan. Barbara Mikulski. Memorandum Polish American Congress to the Secretary of State. Association of Friends of Solidarity.1980-1982ang., pol.
92 “Behind the Façade – Uncensored Poland”. An Exhibit on Human Rights in Poland organized by STUDIUM and AFL-CIO-American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations: correspondence, invitations, press clippings, VOA’s broadcasts.1978-1980ang., pol.
93 Jerzy Tomaszewski Photographic Exhibit “Fighting Warsaw” 1939-1944 in the United States by The Polish Veterans Association and North American Study Center for Polish Affairs: correspondence, press clippings.1979-1980ang., pol.
94 STUDIUM – Cultural Exchang. Backgrounds. Visitor Program Service (biographical information about visitors, correspondence). Free learning in Poland – international support, committee, press clippings.1977-1981pol., ang., niem.
95 STUDIUM – Jewish organizations. Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. Polish-American and Jewish-American relations: conferences, meetings, exhibition, publications, press clippings. 1978-1983, 1993-1994 (zał. z 1975 r.) /j. ang., pol./1978-1994ang., pol.
96STUDIUM - Janusz Korczak Literary Awards Committee: correspondence, list of honorable members, participants, commercial checking accounts, invitations for The Janusz Korczak Literary Competition in November 8, 1980 and September 12, 1982, press clippings.1979-1982ang., pol.
97 American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies: programs of conference, convention, summary of sessions and special events, index of participants, correspondence.1977-1982ang.
98Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.: personel, correspondence, invitations, programs of meetings, list of participants, conference materials, press clippings1977-1982ang., pol.
99Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.: personel, correspondence, invitations, programs of meetings, list of participants, conference materials, press clippingsang., pol.
100 Polish American Congress Washington Metropolitan Area Division and Chicago Office: correspondence, conference program, bulletins, memorandum on United States policy in relation to Poland, PAC Delegation at State Department.1974-1982ang., pol.
101 Polish-American Day Conferee at the State Department, October 5, 1978: correspondence, report of proceedings, reports from the panels, list of participating organizations and media, guest list, press clippings.1978-1978ang.
102 Polish Veterans Association Post 37 in Washington: statement on Edward Gierek’s visit to US, correspondence, bylaw and communiqués, meeting of Polish Episcopate delegation with American Polonia in Washington - lecture by Karol Wojtyła, press clippings.1974-1982pol., ang.
103 Polish Veterans Association of America Post 37 in Washington: meetings, social life, balls.1974-1980ang., pol.
104 Polish Home Army Veterans Association U.S. Headquarters: correspondence and bulletins.1981-1997pol.
105Polonia Conferencef the Free World, Chicago, November 7-9, 1975: correspondence, list of participating organizations, text of Wacław Bniński’s address, reports of correspondent for the Voice of America.1975-1975pol., ang.
106 Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe: report of the Study Mission to Europe, correspondence, human rights and freedoms in Poland – Adam Michnik and Gustaw Herling-Grudziński statement submitted to the Commission.1976-1977pol., ang.
107Wacław Bniński’s notes and information about Polish Home Army.pol.
108Memories on conspirational activity of Zygmunt i Jadwiga Karłowscy and general Stanisław Rostwowrowski’s arrest on August 11, 1944 by Wacław Bniński, September 1994.1994-1995pol.
109Memories: "Wspomnienie o Adamie Boryczce"by Wacław H. Bniński, October 1995.1995-1995pol.
110Fragment of memories: "Armia Krajowa, Delegatura Sił Zbrojnych, WIN 1945/1946" by Wacław H. Bniński, December 1995.1995-1996pol.
111Memories: "Aresztowanie płk. Józefa Spychalskiego dowódcy Okręgu Armii Krajowej Kraków. Fragment wspomnień adjutanta" by Wacław H. Bniński, February 1996.1996-1996pol.
112Memories: "Rozmowy z Adamem Stefanem Kardynałem Sapiehą w Krakowie, Nicei, Paryżu i Merano w latach 1945-1948. Pius XII. Averell Harriman. Fragment wspomnień" by Wacław H. Bniński, April 1996.1996-1996pol.
113Papers: "Von der Verfolgung zur Duldung. Der Weg der Kirche in Polen" von Graf Wacław Bniński.1957-1960niem., pol.
114Copy of publication: „Notatki” by Władysław Leopold Jaworski, Kraków 1929.1929-1929pol.
115Article: “Il sistema scolastico asservito dai comunisti in Polonia” related to Delegatura WIN and study: „Polonica z Rzymskiego Kodeksu Nowicjuszy Towarzystwa Jezusowego (1565-1586)” by ks. J. Warszawski.1952-1955pol., wł.
116Article: „Historia 8 Pułku Ułanów ks. Józefa Poniatowskiego w ZWZ” by Zbigniew J. Romański on the basis of Gross Rosen concentration camp inmates’ stories.1970-1970pol.
117Fragments of publication: „Ziemiaństwo Polskie 1795-1945” edited by Janina Leskiewiczowa, Warszawa 1985.1985-1985pol.
118Publication: „Wierny przysiędze. O Łukaszu Cieplińskim „Pługu” Komendancie IV Komendy Głównej WIN” by Gabriel Brzęk, Lublin 1991.1991-1991pol.
119Publication: „Okręg Krakowski Służby Zwycięstwu Polski – Związku Walki Zbrojnej – Armii Krajowej” by Stanisław Piwowarski, Kraków 1994 with critical commentary of W. H. Bniński.1994-1996pol.
120Publication: "Jerzy Giedroyć. Autobiografia na cztery ręce" prepared by Krzysztof Pomian, Czytelnik 1994. Study and press clippings conerning "Kultura".1979-1996pol., niem.
121Articles, publications and press clippings concerning „Ubezpieczalnia” – Wydział Produkcji Podziemnego Przemysłu Wojennego Okręgu Krakowskiego ZWZ i AK.1965-1979pol.
122Articles, publications and press clippings concerning Józef Spychalski (Luty”) and Janina Oszast („Jula”).1972-1984pol.
123Photocopies of Cardinal Adam Sapieha’s Papers and correspondence relevant to the matter.1945-1958pol.
124Cardinal Adam Sapieha. Life and death - newspapers, clippings.1951-2002pol.
125Articles and studies related to "Wolność i Niepodległość".1947-2001pol.
126Newspapers and clippings related to "Wolność i Niepodległość".1952-1953pol., ang., wł., fr., niem.
127Trial of the Diocesan Chancery of Krakow – Polish Monitoring Bulletins of Radio Warszawa.1953-1953pol.
128Polish Monitoring Bulletins of Radio Free Europe concerning Adam Boryczko’s process.1955-1955pol.
129 Studies concerning the struggle of Polish Catholic Church under communist rule.1955-1976pol., ang.
130Chiesa di Silenzio - Apostolat des Laiques Congres Mondial de Rome 7-14 Octobre 19: brochure, photographies, newspapers.1951-1951wł.
131Copy of publication: „Proces założycieli Zrzeszenia „Wolność i Niezawisłość”. Dokumenty i relacje” by Anna Sudlitz.1988-1988pol.
132 Trial of the Diocesan Chancery of Krakow in newspaper: „Dziś i Jro"- Katolicki Tygodnik Społeczny and „Słowo Powszechne” PAX.1953-1953pol.
133Trial of the Diocesan Chancery of Krakow in newspaper: „Narodowiec” and „Słowo Polskie”. Dziennik Wolnych Polaków. Clippings from foreign newspapers.1953-1953pol., ang., fr., niem.
134Studies related to Comunist Party.1937-1963pol., ang.
135Studies conerning Polish-USSR relations.1939-1945ang., pol.
136Texts of interviews with Józef Światło.1955-1955pol.
137 „Key to the Mystery”, Montreal, Canada – newspaper received from Jan Drucki-Lubecki.ang.
138 Polish Facts and Figures No. 1-17 (March 10, 1944 – April 25, 1945) published by the Polish Information Center in New York.1944-1945ang.
139 American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations: AFL-CIO Free Trade Union News, press clippings, materials for colportage in Poland.1971-1982ang., wł., pol., niem., fr., hiszp
140 La Pravda in Italiano - communist newspapers (1986: No 7, 23, 57)1986-1986ang., wł., pol., niem., fr., hiszp
141Press clippings and propaganda materials related to STUDIUM.1978-1991pol., ang.
142Press clippings related to Polish issues.1971-2001pol., wł., ang.