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Fonds No. 71: Jadwiga Irena Daniec Papers

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Biography / History
Jadwiga Irena Daniec (1916-) is an art historian, a member of The College Art Association of America, The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Alumni of Columbia University and The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America. Born in 1916 as a first child of dr Walenty Dominik, professor of chemistry and a dean of the Graduate Faculty of Forestry at SGWW in Warsaw (Graduate Institute of Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry), Mrs. Daniec grew up in Poland, receiving in 1937 her Master of Law degree from the University of Warsaw. She began her legal training in Warsaw's law courts in preparation for a judgeship, but the outbreak of World War II abruptly altered the direction of Mrs. Daniec's life. At the age of 23, she left Poland with her husaband Juliusz. After making their way to America in 1941, Mrs. Daniec started her longtime employment at Time Incorporated, at the beginning in Chicago Office, then in New York City, when she remained employed from 1946 to 1974. In the USA she also commenced her graduate study at Columbia University. Upon earning a Master of Arts degree in art history, she contributed a number of articles and artbook reviews to The Polish Review, a scholarly quarterly published by The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America. Her special interest in the medieval art resulted in publication of the article The Bronze Door of the Gniezno Cathedral (The Polish Review, 1966, XI, 4, 10-65), numerous lectures on Polish romanesque and gothic art and a book The Message of Faith and Symbol in European Medieval Bronze Church Doors (Rutledge, Danbury, CT, 1999). She is also the author of the unpublished catalogue of Polonica in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Presently, Mrs. Daniec, a naturalized U.S. citizen, resides in Forest Hills, New York. Acquisition Note: Gift of Jadwiga Irena Daniec, 2008.

The collection contains original documents and copies depicting details of Jadwiga Irena Daniec's life and professional career. There are first of all her autobiography, a few original personal documents, a collation of publications and lectures or materials related to the participation in conferences and congresses. Correspondence included within the collection reveals mainly Jadwiga Irena Daniec's cooperation with scientific institution in the USA. Arrangement in Series: Works; Biography and Scientific Career; Correspondence.

Polish, English.

1Reprint of the article: 'The Bronze Door of the Gniezno Cathederal in Poland'.1966-1966ang.
2Review of the Jadwiga Irena Daniec's book 'The Message of Faith and Symbol. European Medieval Bronze Church Doors' by Pamela Kladzyk.2002-2002ang.
Biography and Scientific Activity
3Personal documents: certificates, identity card.1939-1965ang., pol.
4Press clippings related to Jadwiga Irena Daniec's scientific activity.1966-1987pol.
5Participation in conferences and congresses: programs, brochures.1966-1989ang., pol.
6Autobiography; collation of publications, lectures and mentions in professional literature; questionnaires.2000-2001
7The internet information related to Jadwiga Irena Daniec’s scientific activity: printouts.2004-2005ang.
8Letters received from private correspondents.1943-1996ang., pol.
9Letters received from institutions.1964-1999ang., pol.
10Letters by Jadwiga Irena Daniec.1948-2007ang., pol.