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Fonds No. 72: Piotr Pawel Yolles Papers

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Biography / History
Piotr Pawel Yolles (1892-1958) was a Polish journalist, an activist in Polonia and for many years editor of the influential Polish language daily newspaper 'Nowy Swiat' in New York. Born in Poland on February 25, 1892, Piotr Pawel Yolles graduated with a law degree from the Chernivtsi University (presently Ukraine) Conscripted into the Austrian army at the beginning of World War I in 1914, he took active part in warfare. Malaria and the founds sustained during the campaign, resulted in his long hospitalization in Vienna. After his arrival to the USA (1921), he received a Master of Arts in sociology from Columbia University and studied journalism at New York University. During his longtime journalistic career in the USA, Piotr Pawel Yolles worked consecutively as a co-editor of 'Dziennik Nowojorski' (from 1921), an editor of 'Telegram Codzienny' (from 1924), an executive editor of 'Nowy Swiat' (1924-1937), an editor-in-chief of 'Nowy Swiat' (1937-1944), a co-editor and columnist of 'Nowy Swiat' (1946-1958). He was also a longstanding president of the Association of Polish Editors and Journalists (Stowarzyszenie Wydawcow i Dziennikarzy Polskich) and of the Association of Polish Journalists of America (Zwiazek Dziennikarzy Polskich w Ameryce). For many years he had the position of the head of the Social Department of 'Nowy Swiat'. He was also a founder of the Polish Daily Nursery-School (Polska Ochronka Dzienna) in Brooklyn, a member of the Polish National Alliance (Zwiazek Narodowy Polski), the Polish-American Office of Help to the Working-Class (Polsko-Amerykanska Robotnicza Kasa Pomocy), and the Polish Immigration Committee (Polski Komitet Imigracyjny). Piotr Pawel Yolles is the author of two novels - 'Three mothers' ('Trzy matki') and 'Thorns' ('Ciernie'). Besides writing, his activities also included lecturing and broadcasting regularly on local Polish radio programs and for Radio Free Europe. He died in St. Vincent's Hospital in New York on August 26, 1958.

The meagre collection of Piotr Pawel Yolles’s papers contains first drafts of some of his articles and columns. There are also some records depicting his contacts with the representatives of the world of politics, science and culture. Arrangement in Series: Papers and Publications; Professional Activity; Correspondence; Other Materials.

Polish, English, French.

Papers and Publications
1Press articles and columns: papers in alphabetical order.pol.
2Press articles and columns: untitled papers.pol.
3Essay on the economic condition of the Polish Jews: paper.ang.
4Broadcast ‘Dzień Dobry”: notes and ancillary materials.pol.
5Press clippings: articles by Piotr P. Yolles.1948-1958ang., pol.
Professional Activity
6Contacts with the representatives of the world of politics, science and culture: notes related to the particular people in alphabetical order.pol.
7Letter from The Training School For Jewish Social Work.1926-1926ang.
8Rough drafts of Irene Yolles’s letters.pol.
Other Materials
9Newspaper “The Dawn”, Vol. II No. 31-32, December 15, 1944.1944-1944ang., pol.
10An appeal to the women of America from the women of Poland.ang.